Bud color survival after harvest

After a couple very successful grows, I’d appreciate suggestions regarding strains which retain more color after drying and cure? Blueberry, Gold Leaf and others are lovely when flowering, but lose the color after harvest. Doesn’t affect “the smoke”, but how about the aesthetics? Any preferences?

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Dark devil is one for a photo.
It’s cousin is devil cream auto.
Both retain an almost black colour after drying.
Very dark purple when flowering. :v:
Unsure of breeders. :wink:.
Think I’ve got a pic of both growing if you would like. :v:
Edit. And welcome to the forum. :grin::v:


Calcium, sugar and monopotassium phosphate will greatly improve the the colors after harvest and cure


Refrigerating or freezing your cured harvest will keep the flower fresh too. I’m smoking some Sour Diesel I put down in September '18 and is as fresh as when I put in a jar.


Welcome to the forum. My bloody skunk auto is un matched compared to any thing I have grown. The color stays dark when cured and the smell is stronger than any thing I have smelled. Even after in the jar for months

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@jso what environmental factors are you drying, curing, and storing your flowers in? Light is the enemy of potency and color.

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Thanks. I’ve been hanging the branches in an always dark but ventilated furnace room (not hot, humidity in the 40’s or thereabouts) with detached buds and sticky trash on a screen in the same area, for a couple of weeks until the stems are dry enough to snap. Then I keep them in a brown paper bag until dry enough not to mold when put in a mason jar. Done a couple of successful cannabutter extractions with the stems and trim.

I’ve had good comments re flavor and smell especially with the Gold Leaf, big time. Just interested in trying something different with another colorful strain.

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I wonder if it’s the length of time before you place them in jars. You can move to jars sooner as long as you’re burping them frequently (hourly if necessary).

Are the mason jars stored in absolute darkness? Anthocyanins are really sensitive.

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