Bud bulk up at late stage

So i have this bruce banner photo at 90 days from sprout today. Whats the best advice to increase bud size at this point.
BB from ILGM, fox farm OF soil, ff nutes, hlg 240 quantum board light, temps 80 day 75 night, rh 65 68,


all looks good, keep doing what you’re doing and those buds will get much fatter.


Looking good ! keep it healthy so you can have a strong finish. Keep up the good work.


Wow I agree :heartbeat: I was gonna get bb autos now that I seen how ur photo is doing at 90 days I might reconsider auto for photo lol looks amazing keep ur the great work man and happy gros

dont count out blueberry autos. these are 62 days from seed


Are you using Fox Farms solubles like Open Sesame, beastie Bloom and Cha Ching? Or Bembe? Those build buds and flavor above and beyond what you get just using Tiger Bloom, Grow Big and Big Bloom.

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Havent up to this point. But will look into them. Thx.

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