Bud booster- when to start

I was wondering, with all the bud brains available here cant steer me wrong! Question is…
I am using Fox Farms potting soil for my girls(i hope) and was wondering when to start with the booster set. I do not want to nute burn them. They are slow growing,but healthy, about 1 month in. Can you guess when the soils nutes will be deminished before starting booster.
P.S. On list for Roberts new grow support for subscribers and hope all you gurus have a hand in setting this up with Robert, cause you guys rock
P.P.S. - will send photos of [plants when camera battery ia charged up, maybe after a few responses and or days

When ever I switch over from veg nutrients to flower or even the booster I do it very gradual. In till I’m at full strength…n.a.


4 weeks should be about the time to give a light feed to see the responses.

There are specific nutrients (NPK) that one uses in early , middle and late stages of flower

That’s right Steve, and that’s where the fun starts.
Also that’s why I said what I said, you faze out one nutrient out slow and bring in another in slow, so you can watch how your plant takes to it’s new feeding Schedule. To me if you just slam it with the new schedule you’re just asking for trouble. That’s been my past experiences.


You are right !!! - nice to watch bud development !!!

Dam straight Steve, I’m watching mine they will be ready for harvest end of month…waiting for Amber to show and . When she does I’m taking that baby / down…lol


found a new nutrient line I’m reading on , never heard of it , but considering trying once I get more information on it . It’s a pharmaceutical hybrid product .

Hey Yoshi, I myself, prefer not using man made products. I will stay with natural for my girls. I am using soil, but I think you are hydro. I wish you well in your grow though. I would send you pics of my new girls. but camera is on the fritz. Need a new card. Will share these beauties with all soon.

my new babies a month old

last pic not sure whats up with this one

Your plants are looking awesomely healthy if you intend to flip to flower start your pre flower feeding a week before flipping lights start adding your boosters once you are happy with their stretch. Boosters are triggers they tell the plant to flower faster, but they can also stop stretch and make for denser buds as well as help keep space managable.

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