Bud and or node spacing?

Is there such thing as to much bud or bud sites to close?

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I don’t like to do to many budsites because I grow in living soil, it’s considered slow release and if i have to many I end up with a bunch of timy buds and it’s a trimming nightmare

Close node spacing allows for long colas. Each bud site connects with the next. Spaced out nodes get you separate buds.

Spread out nodes

Tight nodes


The plant decided or something i did?

Guess I should say i don’t like to many tops, i do like a bunch of sites on each cola


For me, the plant decided. Yours are going to end up like the second pic. Long colas

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Id be happy with that :relaxed: its my first time so as long as i get a joint or two.


Wasn’t sur if there was a choking or competition if buds were to close

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No they end up doing this


Is node spacing a species thing sativa apart indica close ? :thinking:

Seems to be more of a phenotype thing. Although sativas have produced the longest colas for me. The one above is an amnesia haze

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Its very nice. Thanks for the info :+1: always appreciated

Hey let me ask you this? :slightly_smiling_face: what is it with the 21 day pruning? Everyone says 21 days after flip to prune?

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I prune when needed. I don’t go by a schedule. I just want to make sure shoots aren’t stuck beneath the canopy. By 21 days after flip, the shoots that haven’t made it to the canopy are removed.


Thanks again

Do you have a pic of how that looks when you finsih removing thise lower ones after the 21 days? Im curious and havent done it.

Here’s a couple

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Nice. Gives me some reference! Thanks!

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