Bud after bubble hash

After I make bubble hash can I still use the left over plant material to make butter? Will there still be oils and such that only come out when heated so still in there after ice water wash? Thought there might be goodies still left in the bud after ice water extraction. Thanks

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Yes! Depending on if it was fresh frozen or not will dictate how green your oil gets but it will give you a lil something something decarb and use as normal.

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I appreciate you are seeming to really hang in there with me👍. Decarb? I’ll look it up after I type this but that isn’t spell check right?

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Right! Decarboxilation is a process of using heat to break a carbon atom off of thca converting it to thc. Thca itself is non psychoactive. Once you heat it to a point the molecule changes. I use a product by magic butter machine called a decarbox which works awesome but you can do without it. You dont have to grind it up 1st but you can. Bake at 250 degrees for 30 mins. Then add to infusion device (I have an infuzium 420). Dont forget the lecithin!

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