If you could only buy one type of soil which one would you pick? Just add water

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Can of worms question.
A truly just add water soil will be a Super Soil (Kind Soil) which is usually layered below a second normal soil (Happy Frog).

If I was going to use JUST ONE soil from now on I would use Happy Frog. You have to feed plants in any non Super type soil and Happy Frog is good for a month or two before you need food. I use Jacks 321 which is super easy and very forgiving. Growing inside with packaged soil is not hard, but there are things you have to get right (like pH of water) or troubles will crop up…lol


I mix my own soil.

4 parts coco coir
1 part composted manure
1 part perlite

I use Happy Frog dry amendments. I do alright.

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There’s also @aPotforPot. Link is at the top of the page. Plus you get a discount on seeds with purchase.