Buckeyedave first indoor grow experiment

So harvest time has arrived. Trichs were 30 % amber and 70 % milky. Cut both plants on may 7. First pic is of the runt of the two. Was always about 4 to 6 inches shorter

No wet weight but as you can see on the scales the dry weight before cure was 129 grams

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Plant 2 ,

Again no wet weight but was 136 grams dry before cure.

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This is the total harvest. A grand total of 265 grams which is damn close to 9 oz .Ran the vipraspectra 600w for this grow but will be using the two new HLG 260w rspec for my blueberry autos .Grow went without any major issues. Am pleased with the genetics and quality of the smoke .Early sample of the bud has hints of lemon, diesel and cinnamon flavor. Very mild to smoke .Thanks for everyone’s help and I can say I am officially hooked on indoor growing. The days of outdoor grows is now a thing of the past.


Jars are a beautiful thing.


Especially when they are full !!! And to correct myself I had close to ten oz. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY :smiley:

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So I havent posted anything in a while and thought I would update my adventures .First grow was fantastic. Second grow was two blueberry autos. Used my hlg lighting for the whole grow .I found out that you should gradually increase light exposure over time and not full bore from day 1. Flowered way too early and ended up being stunted and not a very good yield. Lesson learned. So after some personal issues with the wifes health am now getting back to growing. I have one birthday cake photo that is now 5 weeks from seed sprout. Am trying a SOG for the first time. Tent is a 3 x 4 and the SOG footprint is 3 x 2. Hopefully I have done my due diligence and it works as planned. I also have 2 girl scout cookies autos in tent. Flipped light from 18/6 to 12/12 when bday cake was 14 inches tall .Within a week it was halfway to the top of on 80 inch tent. Thus the SOG training .Photos are current at 5 weeks old. Autos are 1 week younger.

Anyway will keep posting during my grow and see how well I did. HAPPY GROWING :smiley:

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Been about 2 weeks and the girls are doing great .As you can see they are starting to fill out my space pretty well, All are starting to get some nice buds. T

ime for patience and a long two month wait till harvest/

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new pics of the ladies. I think I’m in about 4 or 5 weeks of flower. Birthday cake is a trained photo. The other two are the GSCX .autos. Very different growth on the two GSCX one tall thin cola on one and one fat full cola on the other. They are getting fed FF nutes 2 times in a row and then water only once. They drink about a gallon of water every 4 days .I think I took about 50 to 100 fan leaves off of the autos to open them up a little .Had no room left to try and train them down any more. The tops of the one GSCX is getting super sticky and frosty.

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pic no 3 reminds me of mushroom hunting :mushroom:

latest pics. growing along just fine, Starting to put on some weight.

Got another month or so before harvest

So I went to check the girls like always and was very disappointed. My larger of the two gscx was covered in what appeared to be spider webs. So I took a closer look and lo and behold the top main cola is showing early signs of mold / budrot .It was prevalent on the top main cola and did not notice any other affected areas on the plant. I am about 9 to 10 weeks into flower, Anyway I removed it from my tent and chopped her down early. Thought I would try and salvage what wasn’t affected even though the quality may be a little short of expectations. Did a wash with 50 / 50 peroxide to clean up the remaining buds. Hopefully I get some decent smoke out of what is left. Wanted them to go to about week 12 or 14 before harvest . Have about 5 or 6 oz. of saved bud.

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So I ended up saving 2 and a half ounces off the gscx that got bud rot. I just cut the birthday cake photo and am drying it now. The pics are the last of the gscx . This is the plant with the tall slender top cola. It filled out really well. I am flushing now and will be cutting in about 2 weeks, Had to tie the buds on this one up as they are super heavy. This plant is super sticky and smells wonderful.

so today was cutting day for my last gscx. The buds on the ends were heavy enough that they were starting to snap. I was at a good 50-50 milky to amber trichs.If it smokes as good as it looks I will be one happy camper. Last pics at cutting. Center cola got pretty nice at 16 in. All the buds are nice and compact. Next two will be Blue Dream autos.

So I just finished up the 2 Blue Dream Autos. IMPRESSED would be a total understatement. These two plants exceeded all of my expectations and then some! They didn’t get very big, only about 25 or 26 inches tall. Boy did they pack on buds. Really heavy and tight. I just cut them on Feb. 4. They were 10 wks and four days from first bud site. The trichs are striped or solid purple. They almost look like little lollipops. When I cut and trimmed the larger buds were seeping a little resin. I cheated and quick air dried a small nugget and tried it today. YES I am a happy stoner. It has a real smooth draw when I smoked it in a bowl and I can taste the smoke but cant put my finger on it but I know the flavor. Anyway some bud porn for you all. Im onto a white widow and another girl scout cookie.

My two new girls, First 2 oics are GSCX and she is 5 wks since it started to flower.

The last pic is the white widow. It is 4 wks since start of bloom.