Buckeyedave first indoor grow experiment

Sorry Dave can’t remember the size space you need to cover.
Those lights look pretty good. One SF2000 will cover a 2x4 in flower.
What price do they have that at on Amazon? I’m seeing them at $300.
I have seen where others use this light but I don’t have any experience with them just the HLG fixtures and PLC builds.

Im going to split my 8 x 8 room into 3 sections. One will be 3 x 3 for flower, one will be 3 x 3 for veg and I will use my blurple 600 vipraspectra for that area. I will also have a 1 x 2 for seedlings. May adjust width on these so I leave enough space to work around in. I saw them listed for 339.00 and they had them on sale for 239.00. I can also get 60.00 off using my prime rewards card. So my price would be about 179.00 plus tax. per light. I remember seeing on here that someone else used them but cant remember who it was. My girls are in full flower now and looking good. I will be giving them some flowering nutes and the plant booster soon. Im on about a gallon of water every 3 days. I have been doing water. water and then nutes. Seems to work really well as my ppms are staying consistent .They are about 16 inches tall so I figure they will peak out at about 3 feet or so.

Just double checked and they are 299.00 which is 300 off. Must have been a different light I saw for the other price. I had only looked at about 30 different ones when I was shopping. Still not a bad price so I thought I would get two so I have some flexibility with how I use them.


So my girls are doing real good. They are now in bloom. Gave them their first shot of flower nutes. They broke ground on Feb. 2 and I am really liking the progress they are showing as this is my first experience with autoflowers. Running temps at 75 f and RH at 42%. Lights are on 18 / 6 and are at 22inches above canopy. I figure they are

43 days old or about 6 weeks.Enclosed some new pics to show their progress.


Newest update on my ladies![IMG_20200320_095306_hdr|285x500](upload://khOQZcr06IPn8QVYmWdch3vhcs

Y.j peg)


Looking nice and healthy Dave!


Thanks. Im getting anxious to see how much they fill out. Since they are autos I have been tucking leaves to open them up some. Don’t really want to trim and set them back any. They are just shy of seven weeks from sprout.

AUTOS !!! Need some advice!!! So the stretch is on and the ladies are growing like (well) weeds. First question is they have numerous small stems in low light areas at the base of the plants. All are about 1 to 3 inches long and have pistils on them small buds. Can I remove them without setting the plants overall growth back or causing them to hermie from shock. Would have to remove about 10 per plant. Would it be beneficial for bud production on the rest of plant? They are into flower just shy of two weeks .On another note I found a sucker coming up at the base of my one plant. Was about 3 inches tall and when I pulled on it I got what appears to be about half or so of the root system The rest of the roots are still attached to the mother plant. I can see them from the small hole I made when I pulled it out. Have since covered the hole back up. Will this work as my first CLONE as it is basically still in veg mode. I planted it to see what happens.

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If you can tie them down LST them to better expose those sites to more light that’s one option. If you can’t than by removing them that will send additional resources to the larger flower sites middle and top of plants.
The autos I’ve grown I’ve done a combination of that both removing the real small ones and better exposing some that seemed to have a chance at getting taller…bigger.
This is a couple of Autos I grew a couple rounds back.
The Jack Herer was topped and I also removed the growth from lowest areas that wouldn’t get enough light especially on the underside of branches where it would be shaded the entire time due to bending them and tying them down. She looks bad in pic as I missed a watering and had a lot of fan leaves die but yielded over 8 ounces from her.

She is in tent with mostly Photo plants still in veg.
These 2 autos were also tied down trying to get them as flat as I could. One I did remove some lower sites and the other I did not because they were somewhat exposed to enough light.

If you pulled that sucker branch off did it also have some roots attached? With the size that your plants are I doubt you removed that much of the root system but without pics it’s hard to say.
Notice that my plants leaves aren’t picture perfect but they all finished fine and are great smoke.


Thanks for the input. Nice bud porn. My grow space is 2.5 ft x 3 ft. It is packed to the max and I had lst trained them starting at about three weeks old. They are now 18 inches tall and 21 inches across. On the biggest of the two I counted 45 decent bud sites. I cant see into my plants like you can in your pics. Mine looks like an over grown jungle.The lower stems come out from the main stem about 7 or 8 inches and the are growing straight up from there to 18. inches. My canopy is fairly flat and even but do have about 10 main colas up above that. Looks as though you thinned the middle out a little. I cant see into the middle of my plant at all. I have noticed some of the older bottom fan leaves are yellowing and falling off .I know that’s normal as the plant ages. I think I may take a little off at a time as far as the smaller under growth. I just wasn’t sure how much stress an auto would tolerate. I have seen people say a little is okay and some who say don’t trim at all once in flower. As far as the sucker plant it was coming up out of the soil beside the main stalk. I would compare the root size as similar to 1/4 of a shot glass in size. I planted it to see if it would grow. It already has two sets of leaves. Being the first time indoors with any type of grow and first experience at autos have a lot of gray areas to fill in. Indoors is a whole new grow experience compared to out side. Thanks again for the pics and info.


The way I see training in flower is that the plant will divert energy to strengthen the trained stem. That will cost you a bit of flower energy, but if it let’s the others have more light, then maybe it’s worth it because their size will grow more than it would have in shadow. It’s really just a beat guess scenario.

i know this is old but i have followed the price of those spider farms and they have been on “sale” for a year "

A lot of people have tried them. You can find a lot of threads where people use them searching spider farm on this forum. I just got lost reading about them for like 20 minutes.

So I decided to buy a tent. Got a Vipraspectra 36 x 48 x 72. Main area is 3 ft x 3 ft and it also has two other grow areas. It is similar to the one Mattybear has. Also put an inline exhaust fan up. Filter canister is in the tent and fan is outside tent. They have been in bloom for 13 days now. They are 7 1/2 weeks from sprout. Gave me a scare last week as the top of both plants started to turn light yellow on the top. Thought maybe a nute defiency but upon further review and a huge shot of water all greened back up.Also moved the inside fan so. it wasnt as direct on the plants.Pics of the girls. They are starting to stack up some decent buds. I figure another month and a half before they are close to harvest.


Congrats on the new equipment
The ladies are looking great…some bigunns on them!

And happy cannaversary too

My wife loves the exhaust fan and filter :slightly_smiling_face: Works good at eliminating smells. Finally decided on new lights! Looked at the hlg 260 xl rspec . Think that will be my newest toy. I’m hoping to get the new light before these finish out to help them along some. My Vipraspectra is okay but I know I can get better. My tent has a removeable panel so I could open it to a full 3 ft x 4 ft.I can see myself spending some of this govt. check thats coming in April. Let the govt pay for my weed grow! :rofl: Maybe another tent and two of the hlg lights. I have 12 main colas that are at least 12 in tall . Node spacing looks pretty good so they should fill in pretty solid. Thanks!!!Turned 61 today and feel like 40. Life is good !!! Weed and a quiet place to enjoy it in.No place like home.

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So here is the latest pics of my girls.


So the new lights are here. I have the HLG V2 260W Rspec. I am in week six of flower and was going to switch the lights out. I have a 600W vipraspectra on now. Should I just switch them out and run the HLG at 100 % or should I start at a lower setting .Have a ways to go before harvest as I still have a ton of white pistils. I have read that the higher intensity lights cause cal / mag defeciences so I bought Advanced Nutes Sensi Mag And was wondering if I should start supplementing some cal/mag at light switch over .Haven’t had any issues so far. Running WW Autos. Temps have been at 75F day 70 nite. RH runs between 45 and 55 %. Coming down the home stretch and dont want to lose the girls now. Newest pics.


I would hang the new light at around 20” at 50-75% and let them adjust to it and dial it up over the next week until reaching 100%. Adjust hanging height as needed from there would be my suggestion. You may or may not run into a calcium/magnesium issue with the new lights. Already at 6 weeks flower it may or may not show.

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