Buckeyedave first indoor grow experiment

I would run both switches all the time.

Any specific reason as to why both. I have seen varying ideas on just one for now but would like to hear your reasoning for both at veg. stage.

I just finished a veg cycle. I ran both the whole time. My blurple wasnt even at the optimum level these plants can use with both switches. One switch only cuts your light power down.

What light cycle were you on. I’m at 18/6 right now.

That’s what I used.

Had you ever tried with just the veg only in a grow or did you start out with both automatically from previous experience.

I had veg only for most of a month until I started learning about lights. I feel that I wasted time. Check out my journal. I have only added in full spectrum supplements like a couple weeks ago.

They were healthy and happy the whole time under just half the light. I just bet they would have been better with more intensity.

I just put the light on them about 2 days ago. Had 2 100w daylight leds from seedlings before that at 2in. above plant to prevent stretch in seedling. I have not added any nutes yet. My pots have ffhf with a seed starting mix buffer in the transplant hole to prevent burn. I think I’m just now getting roots to the ffhf soil as I have seen a jump in growth in the last day. Will check out your journal and thanx for the advice. Any and all help is appreciated.

Sounds like you have done some research. You should do great.

I have been growing outdoors for about 35 years. Have a pretty good handle on fert.,and soils ,pests and the such with natural light. Just not sure with artificial light and the response the plants will have. Guess you can say im a newbie as far as indoor growing goes other than my variety of house plants. I have found the forums to be quite informative and helpful as I wasn’t sure about Rh’ nute values Lighting and other variants that are controllable inside. Hoping with all the research and advice from fellow growers here I will have a good grow and be able to reap the rewards of my labor.Thanks again for the input and I will keep an eye on your grows as well .

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I’ve also learned tons here and am learning a bunch every week.
BTW, welcome to the forum!

!4 days since transplant. Good growth and seeing side growth from all nodes .About 3/4 inch long.

[UploadiUplIMG_20200224_091458 oading: IMG_20200224_091506.jpg… ng: IMG_20200224_0


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Coming along nicely.

Have you thought about how tall they can be.

As a rule of thumb, I personally star the flowering when twice that tall is my max. They seem to double on me. If their autos, nevermind.

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They are ww autos. Thought about LST on the taller of the two. would be the first time I have tried this technique. Always topped my photos outside .As far as height they can get as tall as they want. I have 8 foot ceilings. I did switch on both sides of my light as you suggested…No nutes yet. Just water so far as the humidity keeps them from drying out too fast. RH at 55% and day temps are 73 - 76 night temps are 67- 70 According to the VPD chart I am at the higher end of transpiration around .95 to 1.1 so they have good moisture absorption. … Any chance with flower side of light on this soon of premature bud set?


All training causes the plant to use a bit of energy to heal itself. If done in flowering, that would take a bit of the plants energy to heal instead of producing flowers. For me, all extreme training is done before flowering.

Am going to wait for two more sets of leaves and then start my LST, not going to top since they are autos

Just a quick update with photos. The girls are now 21 !!! :beer: :birthday: days old. Decided not to train. The side branches on the bigger one are growing outwards pretty well. The smaller one is a lot darker green and really tight. Must be genetics as they are only 8 in. apart and have the same environment.