Bucket system help

A question from a fellow grower:

Hi Robert i hope you can help. I want to know if this will work. I take a 1L bucket and drill the bottom half full of holes i put my plant in this bucket and use river stones just to hold it up. I then take a 5L bucket and make a hole in the bottom just big enough for the 1L to fit in. I then place the 5L bucket in a 15L bucket upside down so the hole i cut is at the top. I then put my 1L in the hole. At the bottom of the 15L there is a drain pipe about 5cm from the bottom. The 1L bucket basically hang in the air. I use a pipe to give water from the top. So the water run over the stones and the roots and out the smaller holes and then into the 15L up to where it start to drain. The roots hang out of the small holes and eventually it will reach the bottom of the 15L then it will almost be like dwc. Please tell me what you think of this setup and if it will work. And should i put the water on a timer or let it run for the full 12hrs of daylight. Thank you

It sounds like it would work, but seems unnecessarily complex. If you just take the 15L bucket and cut a hole in the lid to accept the 1L bucket with holes drilled throughout the bottom, drill a small hole offset in the lid to run an air line through you could just do DWC and be done. I would use something absorbant like hydroton instead of river rock, will help hold some water near the roots in the first couple weeks until they grow through.

I agree. I grow veggies in a 100 gallon flush and fill system, run the water and air pumps 24/7 and they grow great.
But for a single plant? A 5 gallon bucket and a Hydrofarm combined net pot lid will do great with only an airline bubbler.
Rube Goldberg doesn’t need to get involved in small grows.

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Yes i just have these 15L buckets but no lids and i dont really want to do dwc because the water temps get a little bit high inside my room. With the system i mentioned i can do about 8 plants with a single water pump and air pump and stone. I can put my reservoir outside of my grow room and not have problems with my water temps. This is only for flowering.

@Thedon i would like to see some pics of this system … And how did it work out for you…