Bubbling pure O2 in RDWC with a Medical oxygen machine


Over the last few months I’ve noticed several ads in the Green Sheet - used medical oxygen machines for sale - $99.00 and change. The ads says, “Granny died, good used oxygen machine for sale…850 hours on machine.”

These oxygen machine run off an air compressor, pumps room air through a filter, the air filter separates oxygen and nitrogen gas, machine keeps the oxygen and dumps all the nitrogen gas out through the bottom of the machine.

The oxygen machine is prescribed by doctors for people that have heart and lung disease and need oxygen like they get in hospitals. This oxygen machine runs off 110 A/C and eliminates the need for compressed bottled oxygen at home. Many sick people must breathe oxygen at home with this machine to live, they would die without the oxygen machine at home.

Have any of you ever thought about using an electrical oxygen machine like this?

Seems like bubbling pure oxygen with this O2 machine and bubbler would be better than running room air through a bubbler in a RDWC grow. The electrical cost is the same as any regular air compressor. If the operational cost is about the same seems oxygen would be a better choice than room air… If the bubbles are the same. Would assume that air bubbles and oxygen bubbles would be the same.

These used oxygen machines are pretty cheap and available because sick people using them are dyeing every day all over the country. The price is probably negotiable because the families want this medical equipment out of sight, out of mind and out of the house as soon as Granny dies… like today, before noon.

How about using an oxygen machine vs. using air pumps with bubblers… maybe use them together for a double bang of pure oxygen and plenty air? Ant thoughts, any experience with these oxygen machines?
I plan to look into this more.

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Introduction to hydro growing

Do you have to refill an o2 tank? If not it Might be worth it but if I had to refill a tank I think I would opt for an o2 grow if I didn’t want to use a bubble stone

The us navy uses this technology in the ocean to generate oxygen for submarines. Electrolysis.


@TDubWilly this type of machine uses no refills. It pulls the oxygen from the air. This oxygen machine brings up a good point about oxygen to the roots. The only variable is whether the roots take in other elements like CO2. He’ll be supplementing with the additional air, so that’s covered.
These are great thoughts, on using an oxygen machine though. @JH231


I’m pretty sure awhile back we had a big discussion on this subject…the consensus was that high oxygen levels will deteriorate rubber hose fittings plastic and other things at high levels …so it could actually start to deteriorate your hydroponic system whichever system you’re using… I have two of these machines at my disposal and haven’t tried it yet… maybe I will just to see what happens…
As far as the electrolysis I believe it will create too much heat in your system you would have to figure out a way to hook it to a timer and watch the temperatures of your water in order for it to be useful I believe… :wink:

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I’m curious as to why this is @peachfuzz? I’m not familiar with any oxygen ewuipment, but doesn’t most oxygen ewuipment pretty much come standard with rubber hoses and fittings?
Normally, when I see someone is using assisted oxygen it has rubber hosing similar to the aquarium stuff


Or add in an aquarium chiller :sunglasses:


Not sure myself @TDubWilly… definitely worth looking into…I know that the hose that they use with the machine seems like rubber , but I think it’s different from the aquarium type of hose we normally use… :wink:
I have 2 of those machines at my disposal , so maybe it’s time for a lil tinkering… I might hook one up to my overflow veg units and see if it starts to screw stuff up… their easy to build so I can replace it with no problem if there is a problem… :wink:

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Rofl, well if there was no tank like you guys said I would try it in the name of science :grinning:


I think most hydroponic systems use plastic hose. I know I do. So maybe it will deteriorate plastic but not rubber.


I just looked at the hose that comes with the machine… it says it’s made of vinyl… :wink:
Not sure , but I guess I’ll test it out and let you know… :wink:

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They want $200 for 1 of those emitters. Great idea but to expensive for my blood


There is a simple diy of those things on u tube that only costs pennies to build if your interested… :wink:

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Ya they do but I seen some videos on you tube on DIY electrolysis emitters @MAXHeadRoom but I haven’t tried to do it


I guess I should read the post before mine before I post one lol




Thanks :snowman: thats the one I was watching

Some bigger screens and more power (12 v DC converter) and you should have tons of bubbles. To bad I’m not running DWC or I would try this. Of course I haven’t built anything new in a while. Playing around with bubble hash today


I missed any previous conversation, but what’s the significance of oxygen?


The thread started with the question of new ways to introduce O2 into dwc @dbrn32. @peachfuzz and @JH231 have a machine that you don’t need to refill an oxygen tank and constantly introduces fresh o2 into the system


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All of these elemental gases are different. They can and do get very confusing for many people a little shy with basic chemistry knowledge because ambient air, oxygen (O2), nitrogen (N2), hydrogen (H2) are all colorless, odorless, tasteless but Hydrogen will explode, blow your dress up or off so to speak.

A little more Googling revealed more interesting facts on this matter with a few clicks with the clicker:

Ozone (O3) unlike elemental oxygen (O2) gas is pale blue in color and has a distinctive pungent smell. O3 does negatively affect rubber in short order and will inflame the upper airway if you breathe more than a little whiff or 2. Ozone gas is use in some water treatment facilities in the place of chlorine and chloramine. O3 gas is excellent for totally eliminating unwanted odors from burnt hair, burnt popcorn and the smell of cannabis smoke in your home or auto. When electrolysis is applied to salt water, chlorine gas (is green) and oxygen is produced, dissolved chlorine gas is very effective killing micro-organisms and people in WWl on the Western Front and also in the chlorine gas attacks and genocide in Aleppo, Syria and the Kurds in northern Iraq a while back. Submarines use electrolysis technology to make O2 gas and of course they also use CO2 scrubbers to eliminate the deadly CO2 gas produced by the crew.

*Electrolysis type O2 machines also produce Nanobubbles of gas. Nanobubbles are basic molecular size gas cavities in the water column that last for weeks before all the gas is dissolved. These bubbles are very special, very tiny and far more efficient than bubbles made with any micro or macro bubble stones or venture devices.

Nano bubble generators are also used to make these tiny gas bubbles, they work great and do not occlude, stop-up and fail.

The medical O2 machines are very different than electrolysis machines, they use air compressor with special filters that filter out the nitrogen (N2) molecule and keep the O2 molecules that are delivered to the sick heart/lung patient that has COPD. They run and produce O2 continuously which is a very cheap source of O2 gas.

Dbrn32- this article published in March 2017 may help you understand the importance vital of elemental O2 (DO) better. Elemental oxygen (O2) or DO in water is very different than dissolved ambient air in water. Having a continuous supply of O2 is absolutely vital for all aerobic cannabis roots and aerobic beneficial microbes in the DWC reservoir water.

More roots and more Benny’s do require much more O2 as they mature over months. Roots and aerobic microbes must have a continuous safe supply of elemental O2 continuously 24/7 for months to really be healthy. If the O2 (DO) supply fails or the concentration of O2 (DO) gets to low the roots will get sick and die, then the roots decay and rot and then the fungi will colonize and have a fungi feast eating the rotting roots.

Fungi like Pythium also thrive in low oxygen environments in DWC and do not thrive in high oxygen DWC, RDWC environments i.e. continuous 100% DO or greater 24/7. With all the available dying and decaying roots for food cause by root suffocation (low DO), the fungi propagate/reproduce, the colonies grow and thrive quickly because of all the available rotting food and optimal hypoxic environment.

The smell and appearance of rotting roots alerts the grower, a problem is evident and the race for the cure is on to kill the fungi with chemicals, a gallon (8 lbs.) of Benny’s and a large dose of hopes. If that doesn’t work there’s serious prayers to save the crop… but the root damage is already done by then. That is how this root rot catastrophe usually unfolds and it happens quickly.

Most DWC, RDWC cannabis growers know this routine by experience or at least they have heard of it and think about the possibility of root rot and fungal outbreaks often during every growing season which is normal seasonal stressor for all DWC, RDWC cannabis growers.

I find this interesting, check this out if you like…
Cannabis Industry Journal
Understanding Dissolved Oxygen in Cannabis Cultivation https://www.cannabisindustryjournal.com/feature_article/understanding-dissolved-oxygen-in-cannabis-cultivation/ March 29, 2017

Utilizing dissolved oxygen properly can help promote healthier root systems, improving overall plant growth and production.

Charlie Hayes, biochemist and owner of Advanced Treatment Technologies
Roots in an oxygen-rich environment can absorb nutrients more effectively.

I really don’t think that oxygen-rich means plenty of ambient air by any stretch of the imagination, but these words are often confused and misunderstood and interchanged as meaning the same thing.

Oxygen machines and bubblers are surely better at providing a continuous supply of oxygen (O2) than any air pump and bubblers and 10’ water falls that are seriously limited by the low oxygen concentration in that ambient air.

Air pumps pump much more nitrogen gas than oxygen gas – 4:1 respectively. Or put another way, for every 5 gallons of air pumped through an air pump there are 4 gallons of nitrogen and only 1 gallon of 21% oxygen delivered to the bubbler. Air does not insure much O2 for a mature crop of roots and root rot is the common evidence of a low DO crisis.

This is just technical fodder. Stuff fun to ponder, think about and explore for some growers, that’s all it is.


You have done some serious research. One thing that I never seen you mention was water temps.
Just like a race car is a little faster on a cold day, because o2 is held in a higher volume in colder temps.
Of course, you can’t go to low, like below 62 or so, because then the roots want nothing to do with water that cold. However, if you can stabilize your water temps in the 67-70 temperature, it will “hold” on to your dissolved o2 longer.
Let your water temps get above about 78 degrees and it won’t hold onto oxygen hardly at all. The expansion that takes place under those temps doesn’t hardly allow for the retainment of dissolved oxygen.

I like your oxygen machine idea, but if you can’t keep your water temps optimal also, your not getting the full benefit of what your setting out to achieve.