Bubblelicious, Lowryder and California Snow autos


Hi, I’ve got new Babies that popped out this morning. They were put in dirt Saturday October 14th. I spritzed them with water and put plastic wrap over them, I raised my LED light and putt then under since in currently growing Fruit Punch Auto also. I planted 5 seeds and 4 sprouted so far.

More pictures than plants, I took some pics of the same plant before I took off the wrap.


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New Babies :joy:


Nice :+1:t2: man can’t wait to see how thay go


lol :woman:


She ready to bust out this joint!!! :sunglasses:


Congrats Momma!




Happy :blush: girls you got there


Update . These ladies are now on a 12/12 light schedule only because I have a lady who I thought was an auto but is being super stubborn, I switched the lights from 18/6 in case it isn’t an auto. These ladies are tho.


You want them to begin flowering I take it?


not so much flower as I have a lady in my grow that I thought was an Auto, she has been growing for 114 days and no signs of changing so It was suggested that I turn them from 18/6- 12/12, so I did.
These ladies are for sure Autos and I was told since they are autos they will grow in 12/12. We shall see what happens in 8 or 9 weeks


I guess I just wanted to make sure that you’re aware everything else in that room will start flowering as well is all.


Currently, everything is Auto in my room. Or atleast its supposed to be LOL


I understand.


Exactly 1 month today I put the seeds in they final home. They popped out on the 17th.
Supposedly the LOWRYDER is 8 wks from start to finish but as we all know you can’t always believe what you read.

Temps in the grow

I had to change the lighting schedule to 12/12 due to the lady that won’t cooperate.