Bubblegum not popping. Lol!


I’ve been growing for around six years. I like trying new strains and the challenge each plant brings… but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to get Bubblegum to pop. All my usual techniques didn’t work. Don’t get me wrong, they were gorgeous plants just very little and compact. Like a “mini-me”. lol. The smell and taste were awesome! After drying and cure - I hardly had 1 oz. I usually get 3! So my question is… have any of you experienced this with Bubblegum as well?


by not popping, do you mean you are having a hard time germinating seeds?


No, the plants also grew extreamly slow. Nearly one third the size of my other plants. I couldn’t get them to grow bigger nor gain weight… unlike my other plants. They looked normal just - way smaller. Like a banzai tree. lol.

All ppm and ph are good. Just Bubblegum would not gain weight or stretch. Small tight gorgeous nugs. They were delicious… just not big. Wanted to know if anyone else had this experience with this strain.


are you using the same soil as yur plants that doing well? . do you use any nutrients? . how many watts of light are you using for your bubble gum? upload some pics so we can see what’s going on… a picture is worth a thousand words


The grow is over… it’s the only strain to do that to me, ever. I use 1000w LED, Greenfields coco. RO water and check my ppm’s and Ph regularly. In flower I use Roots Bloom. I’ve had the same successful technique for years now. Just this strain has perplexed me. Could it be a genetic flaw in that batch of seeds? I have one Bubblegum seed left and will germinate in Jan. I’ll post pics and a grow journal to see if anyone can help dial this in. Like I said, really loved the smoke, just couldn’t get them to blow up like my other plants.


since you are doing everything ie… feeding, water, light etc… and its only affecting the bubblegum, then I’d say it’s genetics…

hey so does it really smell like bubble gum? . just curious


It’s been driving me nuts… lol. Its the only thing I can think of.

It really does smell like bubblegum. Very sweet and sugary with a slight skunk. It was wonderful smoke. A party favorite. Just can’t get enough out of one plant. SS, AK, Gold Leaf I always get 3 oz. So I was losing my mind trying to figure it out. Thanks for responding.