Bubblegum looking good


I also have some brown spots on a lot of my leaves. I came to the conclusion it’s from rain droplets on my leaves and the sun came out and burned the leaves a little. It’s been very dry here and when it rains it goes for a short period of time and then the sun comes out.


So my water theory was incorrect. My plant is still consuming itself despite feeding her. At this point I’m along for the ride. I didn’t identify the problem early enough thinking it was normal at first. Despite most of the leaves dropping off so fast she is still budding up nicely. I also think I got to aggressive with trimming her up which caused the plant to stress. I will in the future, when growing in an earth box, make sure to feed the plant during it’s stretch.


Here’s a look under the plant. I did a a lot of training on this girl. I’m still in the learning process and taking this as a lesson for the future. Good bad or so so.


One more picture.


Man, I’m sorry to hear it. I still think you’re still looking at some decent yield, though. I agree with feeding in relatively small containers - I made a similar mistake of transitioning to bloom nutes as soon as I saw signs of pistils. Next time I’ll probably stick with veg nutes for the first two weeks of flower or so.

At least we are always taking lessons away, right?


I’m not terribly broke up about my plant. If that was the only plant I had going I would be more upset. The others are still doing great. I’m definitely taking this as a lesson learned. Thing is I should have known once I saw the yellowing leaves. I’ll still get something out of the work I put in a least. It could be a lot worse.


So, I managed to get this lady under control. I ended up feeding some big grow & tiger bloom. The yellowing has stopped. Despite the consumption of it’s leaves she sure is packing on some size. It’s amazing how forgiving these plants are.



She is getting close! Those buds look thicker n thicker! Well done. How many weeks of flower now?


About a month left. She took her time starting to bud.


So, she is still going strong. The buds are starting to fatten up.

She responded well to big grow and tiger bloom. I’m backing off big grow and going to continue tiger bloom once a week for another couple of feedings. In between feedings I started to add 1 tsp of molasses. I’ll continue doing that until she’s finished.



That’s a nice minorah have, you’ll have a very nice time lighting that up. Kudos or Mazel Tov


I had to bring my lady in for the last two weeks after someone stole my GDP. I’m grateful they didn’t steal both or anything else. It could have been worse.
So I put her in my 4x4 tent. It was a tight fit

64 tops. It took three hours with three people processing.


A bouquet of flowers😁


Nice work! So sorry about GDP. So lame.


Definitely! Sucks that after all your hard work, someone comes along and just steals your reward. Good thing you got that girl handled tho! Buds :eyes: :tongue::tongue::tongue:. Bubblegum i awesome? How does she smell? And did you get a wet weight?


Bubblegum has a nice body relaxing feeling shortly after you smoke it. Level headed with very little confusion. I just put it in jars for curing. It smells like fermented sausage with a hint of skunk. The smell will change as it cures. There is a slight taste of bubblegum. I ended up with 7.5 ounces and another 1.5 ounces of nice suger leaves and popcorn. Nice haul for messing up.


Thanks for the report. Fermented sausage with skunk… mmm! :wink:

It’s amazing how the flavor and smell mature during curing. My Amnesia Haze was like a sharp, slightly rotten Indian spiced dish after two weeks of cure. Now it’s so much milder and sweeter.

This is something I missed out on with my first grow last summer. My Super Silver Haze hung to dry just as a very, very dry spell hit. Temperatures were in the 90s, very high winds (I dry in a shed but it still is quite porous), and humidity in the single digits. In 5 days, it was crisp-dried, so there was no cure really possible.

I now pay very close attention to the drying and curing process - it’s just as important (if even more so) than the growing.


Bubblegum is just about finished curing and ready to smoke. It’s gone from fermented sausage to a nice peachy skunk. Smells wonderful, the stinkiest out of what I grew this summer.