Bubblegum looking good


How is my lady looking? This is my second grow. I planted this Bubblegum in an earth box so I could practice my training technique. Started with main lining and topping. To keep it even I cropped it. Now I feel like it’s a bit to thick and needs to be thinned out a bit. Do I leave it alone or thin it out?


If you are wanting something to do you can thin out the middle… but I can still see through her. She is still nice and green too. It looks like those inner leafs still getting light and pulling in light energy. If it were me I would leave her alone and if she does not need the inner leafs she will kill them off by herself.


Thanks for the advice. She is looking so nice I really didn’t want to mess things up.


Some LST on the outside branches would let light in. Nice plant


Pulling the outside branches down would give the space I’m looking for. That would give my lady some more room to spread out. LST it is. I now have a project for today. Thank you.


Post a few after shots. So ull have a point of reference when they turn up again. Also so we can drool over her


She looks great and I wouldn’t mess with her too much. Assuming it’s a photo? I have Bubblegum Auto on the way.


I’ll make sure to post some after shots. July 1st it became legal to grow in the Green Mountain state. I’m extremely happy about that. I love growing marijuana!:grin: I wish I would have started years ago.


I caught the bug too, finishing up on my first grow Lowryder AF. Started 5 White Widow yesterday, def addictive!!


Im addictd too. 7 plants in the back. 20+ seeds in the dressor


I have 15/20 WW seeds left. Love the “buy 10 get 10” deals. I grow 5 at a time, 2 grows a year…gives me 1.5 years growing


20 plus here too. I’m also teaching my buddies how to grow to help me out. Six different types in the ground. I planted a couple of ww autos, 10 for 10, thinking they would be small. A couple stayed small but a couple exploded. These are my big ones.


Pretty plant. And thats all i got lol