BubbleGum leaves died

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I started 2 out of the 5 Bubble Gum seeds in water and they took off within about 28 hours. Planted them in the peetpod & put them under red light. They seemed to be doing pretty good until yesterday and now the leaves are dried up. Not sure what I did wrong. Light too close maybe? Too much of something? Not enough of something?
I’ve attached a picture.

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could you take pics without the red light on or with a flash? Thank you. What kind and make of light do you have?

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That red light looks suspiciously like a heat lamp type bulb. While you do want to keep seedlings warm, it appears that they are fried. Peetpods looks extremely dry, over watering is a issue many times for new growers, but I believe those are to dry.


This is the best I could get without lighting.
The lights I am using are LED Grow Light Indoor - 200W 150LED Plant Light, 5 Switch Modes,10 Dimmable Brightness,Full Spectrum.
I use the red and it’s 30 inches from the plant.

Thanks for the welcome! These 2 produced leaves over night and I think the light was too close.
It’s the lighting that makes them look dry. Watering is tough! I’ve been spraying the soil when it doesn’t stick to my finger, about 3 times a day. This method has been working for the other strains. Is there a better way to water?

I’m leaning toward what others are saying.
If you spritzed them with water while the lights were on you may have cooked the little leaves. Water droplets act just like a magnifying glass when the light is on and Red light carries more infrared which can burn them. An eyedropper and water applied directly to the dirt is better. Also seedlings and young plants need Blue spectrum , not red.


Goodness! THANK YOU! I read red lighting and just ran with it! Have switched lights to blue for my new ones!

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