Bubblegum grow for medicinal USA

Thank you all very much for your assistance folk’s @North1979 it’s because after these caliber off people on this forum that I was able to help you out with my opinions and that then that advice I have given will be looked over by all of our friends and family community spirit that is so important to us all :v:️, anyway hope all is going great for you I’m hear if you need mate :+1:.

How Long should I veg these BUBBLEGUM? I’m at 8 weeks tomorrow… They are still short though, like 7-10 in lol. Are they supposed to be short like this going into flower?

They have been pruned and are semi growing like upside down Christmas trees. I only have a five foot high grow tent so I’m limited.

each of these ladies has atleast 12 tops, but they are short… That’s why I’m asking if I should flip em with the plants height being short…?

Can you wait? I would like to see more space filled and they will probably take off shortly IMO.

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Update: These Bubblegum are 9 weeks, and I’m flipping them. Wish me luck lol! Have a great day guys.