Bubblegum grow for medicinal USA

Hello all, from the USA here. So here’s my set up.

  1. Lighting- 1 Mars Hydro 144 Reflector (hung 20in from top of plants). Running 18/6 with only “growth” switch turned on.
  2. 2X4X5 tent. I’m looking for advice on when to flower Bubblegum in these dimensions…
  3. Two oscillating fans.
  4. Three 3 gallon Smart Pots. I’m looking for advice on watering as well…
  5. Soil- I did a little experiment, more like a NOOB experiment with my medium. I alternated back and forth while filling the Smart Pots… Miracle Grow-Happy Frog-Miracle Grow-Happy Frog etc. I understand now that it will be harder to tell what amount of nutrients I have going on in the soil mixture at any given time, making it harder to tell how much nutrients to feed with.
  6. Nutrients- Fox Farm Trio. As of now, I’m adding 1/2ml of growth and big bloom to 1 gallon of water, at every other watering. I realize this sounds like a very low dosage of nutes, but I’m trying to take in the nutes that are present in the 6 month release Miracle Grow/mixed with Happy Frog.
  7. Water- I’m watering with well water, straight from the ground. I would like some advice on this as well, I PH it down to 6.5 from it’s normal of around 7-7.5. Also, when I do the PHing, I do this after I add the nutes to the gallon of water and mix. My temperatures range a bit from day cycle to night. “Lights on” hovers around 75-85 degrees, “nights off” falls to 62-75 degrees. RH levels fluctuate from 22% up to 70%. I have a humidifier in tent, the air here is very dry in winter months, northern USA. The high humidity levels (70%+) are coming from at night, especially after I water. I have an exhaust fan set up so ventilation is no problem, it’s just trying to keep all this consistent… Everything is on timers, but I’m still getting low RH levels I think? Is 25-30% too low and damaging to Indicas?
    Any and all advice would be helpful as I use for medicinal purposes. Thank you in advance to any help. And to the team, thank you for your support so far.

Ideal rh for veg is 60-70 but don’t sweat it, plants can adapt to lower rh.
Try hanging a towel up in the tent with a fan blowing on it. Hang the towel over something and put the bottom in a container of water. Dunk whole towel at first.
This is a great way to raise humidity in the tent. CHEAPLY


I did the towel idea at first, then went and bought a humidifier. I can take the RH up to 100% if I wanted to lol. I try and keep it at around 50%. I’ve read this strain likes lower humidity levels. It’s sensitive to mold, which I’m wondering…at what temperature does mold start becoming a problem taking into consideration RH as well?


@North1979 firstly your very welcome to the forum, I’m am very interested in the medical side off the marijuana plants, I’m just wondering why you would use Miracle grow I think and its only my own opinion but I stick to a complete Organic grow for medical purposes mostly for Cluster Migraine and Crohn’s I am also thinking about trying to treat myself as I am also a type 1 Diadetic good luck with your grow if I can help out with anything please just ask :v:️.

Ya thanks man. I have diabetes 2, have nerve pain as well. I included the Miracle Grow for no other reason other than I’m a noob lol. First time grow. I have to say though, plants are healthy.

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I’m going to let the tops grow out for a bit. I topped twice now, so they need some height to unclog the canopy lol. When should I flower, they have been vegging for a month now?

also, I’m trying to get the little one in the middle to catch up. It had helmet head issues, about a week behind the other two.

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Even though our seeds might come in the same packet all off them have there own characteristics and some might say even personalities in the way they might feed more or, not as much, and grow short and bushy, other’s
grow taller , experience and spending time is really what you need to be doing as much as possible and, looking at ever little difference there might be between them this will all make so much more sense to you in a couple of weeks, and the ILGM community will be all here to give a hand and, or answer any off your questions, and by the way your plants look brilliant well done @North1979. Now to your query about switching to flowering you are in veg for 4 weeks I would give them a couple more weeks maybe 2-3 if you have the space in your grow area, they are auto’s so height should be ok for you, DON’T forget to bring down your humidity It could cause problems like airy and light buds or even mold, Or fungi gants remember those, I hope this helps and keep growing and enjoy :v:️.

They are not autos, just Bubblegum fems.

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Thanks for the compliment. I’ll take your advice on waiting for a couple weeks. Maybe even one more month huh?

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What would be a good RH to run until flower from here?

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@North1979 sorry about that I got a little mixed up so the only difference now that it’s female’s the Height of the plant plants come into play and there will be a stretch period in the first 2-3 week’s after you switch to the 12/12 cycle. To answer your question on the humidity level it would be best between 60% - 80% in veg and 35% - 45% in flowering cycle :v:️.

60-80% in veg… Ok. 80 seems a bit high but I’ll try it. If you had to guess, (each of my plants has 7 tops as of now, more in the middle), what am I looking at yield wise for one of these plants?

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That would be almost impossible to tell right now @North1979, a question how high do you have your light’s hanging from the top of your plants?

2ft at the moment. And another question… Do female seeds have more tendency to hermie?

Last question for the day lol. I’m growing in 3 gallon smart pots. I’m not transplanting to 5. So when should I flower having 5ft of height and using 3 gallon pots?

As far as your Hermie question in female’s any and all types of Stressing from watering excessively, not watering enough, nutrient problems like nute Burns, and all the other Environmental situations like humidity, and temperatures, can all be factor’s in that happening to your female’s maybe I can get some more opinions for you @Countryboyjvd1971 @garrigan62.

You’re lights are at 24" is that right @Myfriendis410 can you share some of your experience with our new member :v:️.

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Very well done my friend. You have or new member covered.
Welcome to ILGM …It’s a fact that you have picked the best forum on the internet today. There are many more here just like @Johnzy81 . Just click on any topic and read, you’ll see what I mean.
Any way if you need any help, just tag @Johnzy81 or me @garrigan65


Yup @Johnzy81 you have this covered
And welcome @North1979

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I’d say, based on the appearance of your plants that your light height is good. You will want pretty much all the light you can get while in flower. You could probably bring lights down 6 or 8 inches but watch for a drop in coverage.

The Miracle Grow is a common mistake most of us have done. The main issue is the harsher fertilizers make for a harsh smoke. There are things you can do later to help. The other issue with Miracle Grow is it tends to drop the PH way low. A slurry test can determine if that’s the case.

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