Bubblegum buds aren’t dense at all

I harvested my bubble gum plant this week and was a little disappointed with the flowers. The plant was big and the colas appeared to be big and fat from a distance but when you get up close the flowers are very thin and there isn’t much mass to them, they’re just thin and wispy. Is this the case with bubblegum? It has a real nice smell and it’s plenty sticky.

The Bubblegum I grew wasn’t dense either. But that was when I hadn’t even grown 6 months. If that was my crop, it’s automatically being turned into Super Cannabutter that I make.


Bubblegum is usually big bud, atleast that’s what we got from it.

Are you in soil or water? Did you add any nutrients? Outdoor or indoor? If indoor what are you using for lights? What was the temperature?

I ask these things because sometimes a plant will grow sparsely because of heat. Temps higher then 83-85 will also cause that to happen.

@MrPeat definitely edibles

Looks like you pulled it way to early…
Patience is key…:wink:

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It grew outside and got nutrients once a week. It never really got hot this summer so I don’t think that’s it.

The tricomes were turning amber and it’s getting cold around here.

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Mine is lanky, buds are filling in, but this morning she’s leaning

@davekos I agree definitely not dence or matured good luck with your next grow . One of those strains a person would need to get out early spring an Leave till late fall.

probably lack of light penetration due to not defoliating enough. I would say feeding once a week is a little weak but I’m not sure on how the dirt is in your area nor am I an outdoor grower. But loose airy buds is either not enough light, not enough nutrients, or a hot environment. Could be a combination of all those things.


It went in the ground in May. And the others did excellent. It’s like the same since August, it never bulked up. Then the the tricomes started Turing amber so I cut it down

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I had a JH Auto last year did not want to bulk up. One was dence ,bulky the other one was fluffy. both had the same everything.

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I was thinking the same. Are they Auto flowers? They can behave that way if they get stressed or not transplanted before they start flowering or it just decides to grow that way. I’ve seen a few bud out like that.


No not auto flower

@davekos Most of my crops was subpar due to the light not big enough for my plants. I usually had a decent size plant 30” or taller and my other plants suffered tremendously.

So I changed to HLG QB’s so now my plants will always have enough light.

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Probably just a phenotypical expression. The smoke may still be good! Thick buds dont translate to great smoke, just more weight. Some of the best dope in the world is thin and airy. Until you light er up?

This is what many of the so called ( landrace ) plants grow like. However, itbis possible that the plants didnt get enough light? I suspect it may be a genetic trait though.

@Cannabian I’d bet the plant didn’t get enough light. I’ve had some airy buds on plants in my grow tent when another plant was a light hog. I don’t get airy buds except on the buds that don’t get a lot of light aka popcorn buds.

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Thats why I mentioned light as well. Many of the sativas from Asia display airy fox tail like buds though, and because the plant he or she grew may have one of those crossed into it somewhere, its pissible for that to be an expression or pheno. Ive seen this before growing mexicans.

@Cannabian I just looked in Leafly for Bubble Gum. Only 1 picture showed to be airy. The rest and it was a quick look at the photos and all but 1 was solid buds.

It is a Hybrid after all.