Bubblegum Autoflower, to trim, or not to trim?

I have a Bubblegum Autoflower, which has been doing well. It germinated on 3/8/2020 and the attached picture illustrates where it presently is within the growth cycle. It’s in an indoor tent with plenty of ventilation, with a King LED running 18 hrs. I’ve been using the ILGMJ fertilizer (as I have some left over from the last grow). The plant looks to be in excellent shape.

That said, I would like to know if based upon what you see in the picture, you advocate cutting some of the undergrowth, or the fan leaves, or both?

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You’ll probably get different opinions. My opinion is to leave it alone. It looks like there’s plenty of room for air circulation and light penetration and all of the growth looks really healthy. A lot of people won’t train their autos at all.

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Thanks for the quick reply. The tent is extremely spacious and has great circulation. When you mention “people training their autos,” what exactly does that mean?

Most won’t top or do much defoliation to their autos.

I see… Thanks for the intel… So with any autoflower, you literally germinate, plant and water (with appropriate fertilizer) regularly? Are autoflowers the easiest to grow for that reason?

Pretty much, though I would say that autos are actually harder to grow than photos. They can be finicky and they don’t tolerate nutes all that well.


Wow, good to know… Thanks again!

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Auto’s can “stall” also where they stop growing for a little while.
I had one do it to me this grow but now its 3 weeks behind the others
and almost as large at 36" check my grow journal out

Roy’s First Autoflower grow

I have auto flower seeds and I am scared to start them. I have some growing now that are just straight forward plants. I have done well with them so I am a little scared to try auto flower or feminized. But I’ll get the courage to do it here soon. Lol!

Great info! I have three auto flowers , all seeded at the same time and 1 just stopped growing for a week and a half then all the sudden it just bushed out .

Do it I wish I did a couple years ago

I wasnt prepared for growing auto. I grew only feminized my last three times . This is my 4th grow and all autos . I love it . The convenience of them and fast grow . I was so prepared for this too take a much longer time . But I just hit 36ish days and they just started to go into flower

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