Bubblegum auto flowers

What is the best germination process.

I’m growing a Bubble Gum now. What i did was place the seed in a glass of room temp water for 24 hours then placed it in a damp paper towel. When it had a 3/4 inch tap root i placed it in a clear solo cup so i could see the root grow( then put that cup in a red solo cup) with a clear dome that i misted the in side of twice daily. Placed the seedling under a T5-HO light at about 6 inches and give it 5ml of water every couple of days. Here are a couple of pic’s of it.

Hope this helps.


Here is the same plant 12 weeks later.


I did not think you were supposed to transplant an auto flower. They are to be put in the pot they finish in

Some growers do it that way. I have always done it this way never had a problem with it except for some things i did wrong in the beginning of growing (poor lighting,not giving nutrients correctly) my last harvest of a Blue Berry auto 3.8 oz.


Either warm place in napkins and spray for about 24-48 hours or in a germination station like a plastic jiffy some seed starter about 3 dollars at Home Depot and put it in there in the napkins keep it warm and dark and I use a heating mat underneath but not necessary or just drop I. Water for about 12-18 or longer depending on if it pops the. You can place in napkin or directly in medium. How this helps

You can with a root stimulant or mychorrizae dust it the root ball and the hole to prevent stunt shock

I’m with @Deepsix on the germination process, however I like to see the seed start before I transfer to paper towels. That can sometimes take a couple days of soak , sometimes they still don’t start and it takes a few more days in the paper towels to start.


36 hour soak transfered to paper towels this morning super skunk kush.


I agree with @SKORPION on the extended soak.

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@mikedensman4, if you are worried about transplanting. These guys work great. You just drop it in the final pot when you are ready. The roots will grow through the bag


I learned something new. That’s why I love this site.

Those bags are nice. Right now having lots of trouble with the seeds I bought from ILGM. Not sure about them at all now. Will more than likely go back to a local dispensary that has the seeds I’ve bought in the past. Only had 2 out of 15 that did not sprout.

I do 24 hours in water then straight to finally 3 gal fabric pot, and try not to handle the seed with bare hands

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No likes again. @mikedensman4, I believe ILGM will replace bad seeds if you contact them. I soak in plain tap water till they sink. Then into a paper towel and zip lock bag. And on a heat mat set at 77 degrees. I tried using the H2O2 like others here and it just never seemed to be consistent. Tap works for me.


Those look amazing. Tried germinating bubblegum in this grow. Just couldn’t get them to sprout. Will try again on my next grow, I want mine to mimic yours for sure! Well done

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Didn’t read them all, but put about a teaspoon I believe. Or tablespoon… I dont remember. Someone will correct it though if they haven’t already mentioned, of peroxide into a cup of water. Drop the seeds in and soak for 24 hours. After if still no taproot put into a damp, not soaked, just damp, paper towel. Within 1w to 24 hours you’ll have a taproot that’s at least an inch long I bet.


Why peroxide?

Its h202, adds oxygen to the water. Itll help the seed. I can’t really explain it. But just trust me. If you want a better scientific explanation, @Covertgrower I’m sure can explain it better.


That’s pretty much it.

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