Bubblegum (auto) 1st grow


Thank you so much…i just orderd it.:smiley:


When you get it tag me and I will show you some tips on how to get a good picture.:sunglasses::us:


Not the best pics…but… I used a jewellers loop x10 and my phone with and without zoomx4.
Im seeing milky white…no amber.
Microscope here on the 12th…


Am i wrong or do I see a little amber in the 1st pic?


Sorry, I can’t see any amber.


Just got my microscope.
This thing is awesome :smiley:…and only $21.
I need to learn how to tag people.

Still lookin cloudy.
Temps 73-79 at around 37% RH

My two girls i have crammed in my 2x2x5 tent. Both about 22in tall and 22in at theyr widest point.


I stopped nutes. Now just ph water.
Is it to early to stop using nutes?