Bubble hash waste water

Making some hash from a pile of clippings, and a male that I put down, just had a thought. Is the water collected from the process of high nutritional value to plants? Basically a concentrated brew of plant products isnt it? Can’t pH it bc waiting on a new meter, dropped mine this weekend, but just curious if anyone has looked into this…

That’s a very good question

Common sense would say it’s a collection of plant material, but that doesn’t mean it’s in forms plants can utilize. Just seemed like a good question, but apparently nobody knows. Lol

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I do @Blountville ,
I’m making some here in the next day or two.
I take the leftover mater and spread it around my flower garden then pour the water so as to water as many plants asosibe. Cause the plants love it and they show it big. time.
If your lawn is messed up. Spread it out on it…awesome

B Safe


Thanks for confirming that! Saved runoff in fridge, so will share a little with my inside girls. Put leaf matter in compost pile, so all good.:slight_smile: