Bubble hash to e-liquid


After doing some searching and not finding what I need I figured I’d just ask. My apologies if this has been covered and I’ve missed it.

I have bubble bags ordered and I’d like to make vape juice from the hash. I have pg and vg on hand but I’m unsure about the process of infusing the hash into vapeable liquid. I’ve tried the method of heating vg and decarbed trim but the end result tasted terrible and I couldn’t get past the taste to see if the potency was there. I’m guessing it isn’t. So I’d like to use hash to get it more concentrated.

I know my buddies @blackthumbbetty and @raustin make concentrates and maybe you gals can help me out or point me in the right direction. Of course, anyone else with any valuable information is greatly welcomed. Thanks :sunglasses::v:


You more then likely overheated your product during your decarb… 210 deg farenheit for 30 min is all you need to decarb… anything more and your just smoking it without the actual flame… :wink:
As far as vape juice… there’s a couple threads on here on it , also look at YouTube… :grin:



I think @AnneBonny might make her own e-liquid, but she uses a tincture/hash oil base to start. I think.

Here’s a link to a thread she created:Making CCO (Concentrated Cannabis Oil) at home


I’m curious if I need to decarb the hash and if so, how do I do it? I’ve decarbed trim but I don’t know if the process would be the same.


That, I don’t know. What temp do those vape juice rigs get to? If they get higher than 300f, probably not. But, if they don’t heat the juice up, then you probably do need to decarb.

You can decarb the bubble hash after it’s made. I’m thinking if you decarb it first, the trichs won’t fall off as easily for making bubble hash.

I know nothing about vape juice, myself.


I’m a long time vape guy and I’ve got temperature controlled mods so I could set my rig to vape at whatever temp I need. Now I just need to read up on how to infuse the hash into the liquid.


I’m thinking you’ll have to make a tincture or cco with it, first?


That’s my thought too


I believe there’s a method that uses everclear to emulsify the hash


I tried Everclear method to make e-juice from trim and popcorn buds. Followed Robert’s formula- :nauseated_face::nauseated_face:


I’m sorry, I actually know nothing about this, but there’s a recent thread on the subject I just can’t remember what it was called.


Hahaha. I know a guy. @fano_man play nicely n help the guy out


Yea @fano_man, what’s the secret :sunglasses:?


I’m pretty sure e liquid is a glycol or glucose base and has a low vaporization point you would have to take your decarbed oil or maybe decarbed unbesecarry but you have to infuse the e liquid some how the thx must be soluble in the glucose it may be a type of fat or lipid like a butter I’m just guessing but I’m going to research and I will get back to you


Ok ok very simple just like iso lil different trying to figure how to post this video. Ok here ya go https://youtu.be/fbzgkev9LM0


Man this trim hash still harsh …little better but God damn boublt to cough up a lung