Bubble Hash experiment...gone bad.. help!


Ok, so I gave a try to make some bubble hash and it went wrong at some point. Now I am trying to figure out what do with the liquid remains of my experiment. I’ll skip the entire process, but when it came time to do the final filtration of liquid from plant matter, well, there was no plant matter. It’s almost as if it all liquefied, or I used to much ice or something like that. This was very small in scale. I had about 1/3 of a glass mason jar mixture. It had bud trimmings, the larger outer fan leaves, and I threw in 1/8 oz of cured bud. Everything was ground way down or as much as I could get it. So the experiment backfired, but I am left with something. After all was said and done, after every drop of liquid was pressed from my mixture of ground greens, instead of a greenish tinted liquid, I was left with a small amount of black liquid. When I say black I mean pitch black. I have about 1 1/2-2 cups of this liquid. It’s not exactly thick and it’s not exactly as free flowing as say water from the tap. I am convinced it’s worth keeping, but I don’t know what to do with it. My first thought was boil it down to try and evaporate the water out of it with the hopes that I would be left with more of an oil which I could dry and turn into hash or perhaps just hash oil. I’m also wondering if I could use it to make a cake or something along those lines. Important note: I filtered the mixed greens three times and as I poured the last filtration into it’s final resting place ( a small glass coffee jar) there was a thicker black material in the bottom of the container that I pretty much had to scrape out. Any help is appreciated!!


The hash your gunna want is in that liquid, get a small screen and you should be able to strain the liquid, if there is any chunks left the small screen will help separate trichomes from other stuff.


If there is no chunks it will take quite a while, however get a coffee filter and let all material catch in the coffee filters, once all strained, let dry and try it


This is what I would do and have done. You say you have it in two jars. Put them in the frig for three or five days. The cold will make everything filter to the bottom. You will start to see this as the days go by.
When its all settled down. Pour out the clear water till you get to the hash.
Get a coffee filter and paper towel place the filter on paper towel and slowly pour your stuff in the filter . you may need more than on filter.

You’ll have to keep changing the paper towel but that’s good cause you want as much water out as posable.
Than place it where it can dry out.
Once almost dry scrap off on to cardboard shape it or what ever and there’s your hash



Same way I do it


Thanks a lot guys… I believe this is the third day my jar has been sitting in the fridge, as of yet I have not seen any type of separation between water vs. black liquid/hash material. I will keep it cold for another day or two and then get the coffee filters and try your suggestions out. Will let you know how it turns out. Thanks again!


Slightly off topic but…do you have to decarb if making crockpot butter?


I don’t think so


Do you have any layers in the bottom?


I tried it, and same happened to me, I waited 5 days. Dip off, or siphon off liquid from top without agitating the liquid too much. There will be sediment in the bottom, which is nice hash. I filtered the solution from the top and wasn’t able to get much from it. But the point is, my water never cleared much, but there was a nice amount of product settled in the bottom of the container. Best of luck!


BTW, the plants seem to love the waste water!