Bubble hash edible

hi i was just wondering. i am going to try bubble hash again. could i use the hash to make tincture for gummy bears? thank you

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I’m a beginner so not sure but I am interested in seeing the results please let us know thank you growmie :grin:

I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t. @Midwestnewbie has some gummy experience and can probably help out.

Yes you can make gummies with the hash. Once you have the tincture you reduce it down. Being very careful keeping lots of ventilation and air moving as the vapors are extremely flammable.

thank you , i have lots of frozen leaves and stems. with the hash do i pour everclear in a mason jar with the hash, and just let it evaporate? to a thicker solution ? thank you for your help i greatly appreciate it.

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I believe you’ll need to decarb the hash first to activate it then mix with very high proof liquor. I use heat to evaporate mine but some prefer different methods. I do know using trim and stems you’ll want to use 3-4x more than if you were to use bud, not sure how that works making hash. I have personally only used flower and trim to make my tinctures with help of a mb2 machine. Let me tag a few more as I know I’ve read someone using hash/shatter for tincture just don’t remember whom it was/is @Killadruid @Myfriendis410 @blackthumbbetty @MT3 @Budbrother @MattyBear
Can someone lend some advice here please?


@blackthumbbetty is the one I always go to with tincture related questions. She’s always helpful with this type of question.

I made an alcohol extracted tincture with decarbed bud and let it evaporate naturally on a warm heat mat used for seed germination. It took several days to get down to 2 ounces and this is a great tasting sublingual tincture for direct dosing. This was one of tincture techniques Betty discussed with me.

When making a tincture for butters/oils, gummies, etc, @jimlisa2 I just heat a saucepan and cook down (half hour low heat) since taste is not real important as it is with a sublingual dose. I use an electric burner as open flames are dangerous.


There is alot of different types of tinctures u can do