Bubble Hash Blunder

So I was attempting to make my first batch of bubble hash and lemme just say everything that could’ve gone wrong went wrong. First I didn’t get any yield at all from what I washed not to mention I am pretty sure I ruined my bags because the heads all seem to be stuck in the screens. Also I believe this happened because I didn’t freeze the bud long enough, or I don’t even know. I just need some help here I feel like an idiot and I have wasted lot of medicine, any advice on how long to freeze fresh frozen before working with it or any tips at all will help greatly!!! Thank you all!

Best advice is to use dry ice. 70 micron is pretty fine, I think I used 120 for the smallest.
Don’t forget to shake the life out of it all.

Freeze material over night, add dry ice in bucket with bubble bags. Then shake over surface for collecting.


This is the best advice you can get for ‘bubble hash’. 73 micron screen, dry ice and a sheet of glass/flat clean surface and you will be in like Flynn. Plus you can smoke it immediately.


Sounds like overall your materials got too warm. The ice has to be frozen the water has to be near freezing and the buds have to be frozen through the whole process. You can take the material you washed, dry it thoroughly, then decarb it and infuse oil with it. There will still be much THCA to convert in all that washed plant material. Not to mention likely much of your trichomes are still attached to the plant material. If it wasn’t frozen it likely didn’t break off the heads when you washed.


U should be able to soak the screen part of ur bags in some alcohol for a bit and clean off anything thats stuck to the material. Have to make sure it is ice cold to start dry ice cold lol. Not sure on ur bags but u possibly could do the ice water bath and then let it all sit and dry from there. Sucks stirring the product so much but super ice cold water in a bucket half bag or so and half of a 5 gallon bucket of water let sit til cold as say 32° or so then add product and stir repeatedly and aggressively then strain thru the bags i start with a 220 bag dump into that. Then it goes to a 160 then 120 74 50 and 25 microns. 25 and 50 give the most as it catches the smallest of particles. Strain water off get a frozen spoon and scrape the product off the bags onto parchment paper. Keep spoon frozen as mich as possible to keep the stuff from sticking to spoon. After collected i fold parchment in half and let the water run off let sit for a day or 2 in a cool dark place collect and smoke thee hash or press ot however


I did bubble hash and frankly will NEVER do it again. Dry ice kief is the only way to go. 10 minutes of prep, shake for 5 minutes and you’re done.


Can you get a full melt hash from dry ice?

No idea what ‘full melt’ is, sorry.

Kief is just frozen/broken off trichome stalks and heads. The dry ice is tossed into one bag (73 micron) along with flower and a handful of quarters. Shake vigorously (think ‘shake weight’) and done over a sheet of glass. Scrape up the result and smoke it. I can do an oz of flower in 10 minutes or less.

If I want serious potency I just run in the Source Turbo with a QWET for 90% pure stuff.


@Myfriendis410 are you doing a QWET with Kief and then into the source extractor?

Answering you answered my question for me :slight_smile:


Using the 70 micron you will get that sand color they are talking about.
If you go even higher micron, you’ll get even higher quality. But yield will always be less.
Some people do the finest first, then separate out according to quality changing screens.


Got it. Kief done correctly yields around 70% pure THC. A QWET extraction from flower or trim will produce material that is 90% pure, done correctly. Kief has a nice floral note and is smooth on the throat. Dabs done in dry ice QWET is comparable flavor but a lot more potent.