Bubble Hash Bags? Any Suggestions? Wanna make Hash


Gonna look into ordering some soon like by tomorrow or the next day. Does anyone use hash bags and have any suggestions or opinions on any they would like to share?


I’ve used them, a 5 gallon 5 bag set, there are more bags for filtering different sizes of trichomes and residue…the first few times times I used them, I separated all the stuff from each bag…the last time I just mixed it all together into a bigger cake of bubble hash…the cleaner the hash of any contaminants, the lighter the color

watch a you tube video or two, don’t do too much leaf and bud all at once, put the stuff in the freezer for a few hours before you do it


I bought one gallon bags my self the 8 bag set
I found that 8 bad is redundant and imo not worth the labor and now I just use 4 of the 8
I would say size of bags would depend on amount of hash you’d like to make I prefer smaller batches myself
Anyway happy hash making if you need tips just tag a few of us
@Hogmaster also make bubble hash
@kabongster I’m thinking about making some this weekend to press with my rosin press woohoo


I just picked up a 4 bag 1 gallon and small hand press that I am going to be trying out. Might have to give it a go this weekend.


Nice bro
I put a hand wisk into my small drill and use that to mix it up low speed on drill
Also use as much ice as possible and freeze everything you running first I put mine in frezzer min 24 prior @Smokin_ernie


Good idea with the drill. I got some stuff in the freezer already will be putting in more tonight and probably give it a go on sunday. The more the ice the merrier!?


@Hogmaster gave it to me to be fair @Smokin_ernie hahahha


Awesome I’m definitely gonna freeze the trichs and get it started when they come. I had to cut down one or two plants early because the rot but I’ll out them to good use once they’re done drying . Should I cure before making the hash?


Definitely cure @Manny_FTGUTube


Will do my friend


@Manny_FTGUTube you enjoy it much more that way will be super flavorful


That’s what I have is the four bag set you will love it


Been wondering for awhile where to get dry ice here in rural Mississippi, just found out we get it in big totes here at work!!! Gonna order bags and press today.
Couple questions, which size micron is best?
I have a couple quart bags of trimmings and one quart bag of really small popcorn buds. So I know I won’t get much but I feel this would be a good test run for me.
@Hogmaster @bob31


Never done bubble @Beans

@Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 @Donaldj


Is that different from the dry ice method? That’s what I plan on doing. Apologize if I posted in the wrong topic.
@Myfriendis410 you do the dry ice method right?


Yeah. I’ll never shake kief without using dry ice. It takes a fraction of the time and I think yields better.


Nope not my thing pretty sure I would favor dry ice hash over bubble hash


ok, the confusion is that you posted on another members topic and I just figured this was your topic. I should have told you to start another topic. If you are still looking for help @beans start a new topic and we can tag guys over there to help you.

@beans there are some topics that are meant for discussions, meaning anyone can go there and as k a question, while others are just a specific member asking questions. I know it can be confusing sometimes!