Bubble hash and Rosin press

Processed some trim today from last years harvest

After that I took out my press and ran 25g of kief the @W.B.elpaso gave me the other day.

Ended up with 8g
Im gonna decarboxylate it in the oven at 150 for 48hrs then make some cartridges


I never realized you have to decarb after pressing. That may keep me away.

Nice blob by the way :metal:


Thats some cool stuff. I looked for the press you have and nobody has it, in stock anyway. Good lookin bubble from that trim.

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You don’t have to decarb after pressing that’s only if you’re making carts if you’re smoking dab the heat from smoking does it for you


Nice looking run :v:

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Thank you sir :metal::green_heart: makes total sense

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Nice wash.

I cant remember where I got my press but it came in a wooden box with big metal straps and was damaged. They sent me a new one. I sent them back the damaged one after using it a couple of times.


How? Show us. I’ve gunked up more carts than I care to say

Ive gunked up so many carts or broken them. I usually put 5 or more grams into a small glass jar with lid on it. My oven only go down to 170 so I prop the door open slightly so I can keep the temps between 140 and 150. I run it for 2 days taking it out every now and then to check it or stir it. Then I draw it up into a big syringe and fill the cartridges. Sometimes ill add a little terpenes to it while its decarbing. Finding good cartridges that are designed for thick oils helps. Making cartridges is super wasteful no matter how do it. I have so much weed and kief and rosin lying around the house that I dont care. I use a closed loop butane extractor sometimes and sometimes ill make a qwet and make carts from that. Using the heat press requires no solvents and its less messy.

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Made 5 carts from 5.6g of rosin.

Thanks @W.B.elpaso for the kief