Bubble Gum won't root (clone)

I recently purchased your Bubble Gum fem (ILG-BBG-FP5) seeds. They were of the utmost quality and so far 4 of the 4 that I planted have germinated and grown. I tried to clone my plant for a friend twice but each time I did the clones just died over the course of a couple of weeks. The cuttings were dipped in root gel and placed in plain water in a clear glass.

I read somewhere that some strains cannot be cloned. Is this the case with Bubble Gum? I read and followed several guides on how to do this and the plants were definitely in vegetative state. Can you tell me why I could not clone this plant? thanks.

@bruster999 I think you need to take a different approach to cloning. I don’t think a glass of water is going to cut it.

Until the plant develops roots it needs it get its moisture through the leaves. You need a set up with a humidity dome and should use either rockwool, rapid rooters or aeroponics where the stem is moist, not soaking wet for starting your clone.


floating works once roots have formed. before that…not so good

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I dip my cutting in rooting hormone then straight into a cup of soil, cover with The top of 2 liter bottle Cut off and most the inside of the bottle 2-3 times a day, and see roots in about a week or so


Up to this point I tried 2 or 3 cuttings and one actually survived. If I did it once I can do it again. But this time I asked for a little help. First question, what cutting works best

I didn’t want to buy a bunch of extra stuff just to clone so was told to firmly compact some seedling mix, dip the cuttings into root hormone and stick it in the potting mix. I can handle that…

Of the 18 cuttings in the tray I lost one because it did not make firm contact with the potting mix.
I am getting a little carried away with this. The cuttings sat in distilled water till I could plant them. Put a drop or 2 of Voodoo Juice in the water after dipping in hormone. Then dipped them again before sticking them in the soil 2 days later.

Here they are today. The ones put in soil on the 20th are in the bottom row. All survived and putting out new growth.

Now the question is what the hell am I going to do with all of these plants. I only have one grow space for photos and it is a 3x3 tent. Some of the older cuttings are ready for their own pot.
When I put the cuttings in the tray I water them in and mist them when I think of it. The tray is under a dome to retain humidity with a funky low intensity LED. It appears to work for me.

I am playing around with an earlier cutting


Thanks for the feedback! I did have a humidity dome on the little babies but admittedly it might not have been the best seal around the edges. I have some peat pucks (the little brown pucks that expand with water). Do you think those will work instead of rockwoool?

My understanding is that you cannot clone a plant while it is flowering (I read that somewhere) so I’ll have to wait until I re-veg her or plant a new seed. Let me know if this is incorrect.

So I’ve heard. Thx!

Great idea. I may just try that. Seems so simple.

Nicely done @beardless !

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My first attempt was a exactly that. I believe it is called Monster Cropping. This cutting took 6 weeks to transition from flowering back to veg.

This is it six days ago.

The clone dome is upper left

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