Bubble gum auto with no smell no thrichomes

I had 3 bubble gum autos and 2 were about 30 inches tall decent branches and got 2 ounces each when finished. Beautiful tricohmes sticky stinky and fine end result. Well number 3 bubble gum kept growing and I had to tie it down. It didn’t flower as fast as other two and it grew to about 5 feet tall. It has decent looking flower on it but no tricohmes no smell and no sticky and I figured no end result but not sure yet. Is there something I could of done to cause this or is this just life.

Are you sure it’s not a hermie? You’ve made it this far if it’s your last one let it go and see how it does.


I haven’t seen any pollen sacs but my other 2 plants had a few seeds. You could be on to something there. It’s a big plant and the flowers just don’t look right to me. Your talking hermafradite correct. My pistols are 75 percent or more brown so I don’t want to wait to long but a little longer won’t hurt. Tossing it out is going to hurt. I thought I had figured something out with these autos but maybe not.


I think @Sirsmokesalot may have something there. If you get any seeds off that plant you may want to save them. That’s how feminized plants are made. But I have also heard twice hermied is a gamble. :v::call_me_hand: Happy growing and keep on keeping on!


Yeah if the others had seeds they either pollinated themselves with nanners or the tall one is a herm. Throw some pics up when you get a chance


I have never sent pictures hope it worked

Looks like it could be a hermie - I caught mine early before sacs popped not sure without some detailed looks. Could be a Frankenstein who knows I guess let us know how she finishes

I agree with @Sirsmokesalot, need closer pictures of buds. Impossible to tell for sure without them. I am tunes to watching, I am interested in seeing how she finishes as well :v: