Bubble gum auto flower

I’m growing bubble gum first time grow a plant very new I’m using miracle grow potting mix with a cheap 9 dollar grow light that lets you change the light from seed to veg to flower I have not given any nutrients to the plant only water and I’m in week 4 and would like some help as to when to send the plant into flowering also tips if I’m doing anything wrong

If it a auto it should go in to flower on its own

Is there any nutrients to give it r does it seem to be growing fine

I know I need a stronger light eventually but I’m just starting

The miracle grow potting soil has slow release fertilizer in it so you shouldn’t need to feed it.

The slow release fertilizer in miracle grow sometimes gives growers problems and since it just keeps giving. It can’t be flushed out, and isn’t the optimum fertilizers for growing cannabis. This grow is a learning experience and one thing you should take away is that you need to invest in cannabis friendly soil. It costs more but is worth it. If you live in United States there is probably a seller of the appropriate soil nearby. If you go to Fox Farms web site and use the dealer locator you will find a store that sells what you need.

As you know, your biggest hindrance to a big harvest is your lights. You’re best investment going forward.

The plants are probably mature enough to flower but don’t expect big results until you take care of the light situation.

Thank you very much I will invest in a light and post an update

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Rule of thumb: if it’s a blurple light don’t buy it. If it says: “replaces 1,000 watt HPS and only uses 160 watts!” don’t buy it. There is no such thing as a cheap, good light. Ask other growers here for advice before you buy.

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I am positive when I say this…“You get what you pay for” when it comes to lighting for cannabis I would share what your budget is for a light and as @Myfriendis410 has said and we can help you find what will work best for your variables.

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