Bubble gum auto flower, 9 days old, problem browning on edges of leaves

soil: Burpee seed starter mix
water: rainwater ph 6.5
runoff: ph 6.3 ppm 1100
watering: misted daily
light: started inT5 starter dome
light: moved to aero grow flourscent light, no dome, after 1 week because plants stretching
temp: 70 - 73 degrees F
humidity: 30 - 40%
problem: plants about 4" high, started 2nd set leaves, leaves browning on edges & curling,
leaves pale green

Can you please post a picture of said plant
Are you listing with lights on and how did you get run off readings
Second set of leaves you don’t need to water much


I believe that burpee seed starting mix is Coco (soilless medium) so a pH of 5.8 would be better

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how would I bring it down to 5.8?

Before I planted seeds in pot, I saturated soil and tested runoff ppm 1100
lights left on 18 hours
Do you think I’m overwatering?

You can purchase general hydroponics up down for adjusting pH

do you think that watering with ph 5.8 will cure my leaves from browning on the edges?

If it is a nutriet deficiency because of pH being to high then yes but a picture would help identify the problem better as countryboy said

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It looks to me like potassium deficiency, which is absorbed better around the 6.0 pH but let’s get a second ( or third) opinion. @countryboyjvd1971 @Covertgrower @dbrn32

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From angle of the pics it almost appears to be light bleaching, which seems unlikely from t5 or an aero garden led hood. Couple that with 1100ppm runoff, and I’d say the root cause there is likely some nute burn that made leaves a little more susceptible to light damage.

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how can I fix? Do I flush and get the ppm’s down lower? Raise the light? Light is about 6" above plants. What do you recommend? Thanks

They are too small to flush in my opinion. You can try raising light a little, just a little worried they may stretch. You’re soil looks a little wet too as pointed out earlier, let that dry out some.

Can they be transplanted and use different soil? Was just thinking that 1100 ppm is way too high if only watering. So must be soil, huh?

That should be ok with watering I mist my starter cups to keep soil moist
If it is coco adjust your ph as mentioned
1100 ppm is high for a starting mix
But @dbrn32 seems to have it nailed down

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Have you added any nutrients to your mist or when you moistened your soil? It’s dam hard to overwater when misting. Ahh the pics. Looks like light burn. Change the media and use 5 gal container minimum. My opinion