Bubble buckets and jacks 321

so for today i change out the water , switched to the jacks RO blend not 321. Added cal mag , hydroguard .

checked on the roots

the ilgm gold leaf

the g.g.

hope to be moving them into the tent soon . have my ro water ready and warming the tent up by running the lights on the timers . i like to mix my jacks and add ins 24 hrs in advance , to let the pH balance out .
:alien: Happy Growing


Looking good brother!! Nice looking roots. :v::dash::dash:

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Thanks for the root porn! Looking good :pray:


Well - the roots grew too fast , I had to move them to the buckets today .

that dos si dos is a runt again - think to much light got to her roots .

gold leaf roots

cut the plastic holder off

had to try and spread the roots out, and get them through the holes .

buckets are pH’ed and ready .

cover her up with the clay balls . AND hope they survive the move .

now the gorilla glue .

got the roots through the holes so she can drink .

cover her up and 1 more to go .

dos si dos the runt

sick and small hope she tough.

just enough to get water .



all in their place .

snug as a bed bug .

we will see if they survive the move .
:alien: Happy Growing


Looks like the main run of my HVAC.
Do you mind explaining the difference between 321 and RO mixes. This time of year I’m 100% well water and using TAP.


I’ve been wondering about this system…TY for showing me along !
I’ve never heard anyone say “my roots grew to much/fast” LOL! :sunglasses:
I’ll be watching and prob. asking along! What causes the roots to turn brown like the runt one there? Or are the lights messing with my eyes…


Bad reasons that Roots go brown from exposure to light, growth of algae, growth of bacteria, or submerged too long in water without enough oxygen.

Other reasons roots go brown is because nutrients stain em. That’s incredibly common, and my suspicion here for the slight discoloration on these roots (since they appear generally healthy and have great air roots, there’s no slime or tangling/amassing of the roots as one would see in adverse situations). Especially since they’re just “sort of off” color, not “brown” like you’d see in a root rot scenario.


Are you growing on your spaceship? @alienofasoul


oh hey there @Graysin ! TY ! How r ya? Hope all is well in your part of the world! Looks like ya’ll finally got some rain?.. :neutral_face:


and you too @Low ! I remember you helped me in my first grow with GH products (I think) ;> hope all is good!


None for me, we had some minor “snow” (if you could call a 1/4” sheet of frost “snow”)

Life is good! How’re ya?


We have maybe 4” right now, still going. Standing outside in a t shirt smoking some meat. Lol.


Meh…Fair to midlin’ ! Need to get my rental fixed up due to bad tenants.
so I’ve had to put off my next grow for a minute.
I’m jonesin’ for another try at it! LOL!
Got a soil question for any one hear on this Hydro thread…LOL
Will my left over happy frog soil be “dead” since it’s been open for almost a year?? And if so, can I just water it and let it sit for a week or so? ??
also, will it be ok to mix with new ocean forest ? @Graysin


hey @beardless — the 321 is the easy way to say the grams for the jacks mixing . part A 3.79 Epsom .99 and then part B at 2.52 .—
the RO mix is only 1 part at 6.31 then Epsom salt at .99
the RO (reverse osmosis ) takes all the ppm out of the water and sets the pH to 5.8 --. so the RO blend has a bit more in it .
:alien: Happy Growing

plants still looking a bit in shock , i had lights up to high , reset to 40 DLI ----. at 20 hours . the seed starter light is only 25 DLI . Wooops . hard to keep temps up in tent with light only on 40% power.
lowered water level in buckets took and fixed pH back to 5.8 ----.

pH before .

let mix for a while and recheck .

and here we have it back to 5.8

well thats done , time to make this BUD disappear .

:alien: Happy Growing

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I have a chillum just like that.

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Jacks RO is similar to TAP then. It is one part 15-5-20 mixed at 5.05g/gallon plus 1.0 epsom. I had used 321 on several grows using 3.8 / 2.5 / 1.0 with mostly tap water (well) and would mix in water from the dehumidifiers when they were running.
I find I can not run TAP at full strength like 321. This one is in an autopot. It was in need of some thinning. It was getting fed at 50 and 75%.

Yes to all. Should be fine to moisten. Even better to mix with some fresh soil. Microbes from the old bag prolly died, would reinoculate with new ones

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