Bubble bucket Water?

Afternoon guys! Hasanyone ever used bubble bucket water to water plants? Good idea bad idea thoughts? Idk if it would be good or bad seems like could be nutritious also seems a little canibulistic lol

What is a bubble bucket?

Oh sorry hey buddy how are yah ok from bubble bucket hash you basickly take all your sugar leaves trim and small like popcorn buds everything that’s not worth smoking but still has thc and tricholmes dry it out freeze it up then you buy a bubble bag set there fairly in expensive 20 to 50 bucks I have a five bag set you add ice water and ice and stir for 10 min lightly then run through bags in a bucket each bag has dif sized mesh holes basicly 220 is your largest 220 and 160 take out your plant matter then 120 73 and 25 microns 73 you get lower grade hash 25 is best you can mix them or keep em separate but easy way to make hash n save your waist you also use the same bags to make dry ice hash add dry ice n buds n shake rather than strain bla bla my explanation lol so water is dark n I’d think maybe full of nutrients it measures like 675 ppm idk just a thought usually you just discard the water n throw what’s left in compost pile

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Sounds messy and of no benefit. I would stick with distilled, RO, or tap water that has proper nute levels and pH.

Yeah I wouldn’t want to mess anything up maybe try it on a separate plant was wondering if anyone had heard about it before

I’ve been here for over 2 years and I’ve never heard it mentioned.

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It’s not bad cool way to get rid off trim n small buds I’ve only done it twice some people buy like a small washing machine that mixes it idk why dosnt take much mixing if you over mix it like I did first time I used my drill and 5 gal paint bucket mixing bit and it made hash green if your good at it its supposed to be white so you don’t wana brake up flower just stir trichomes off when they freeze which is tough next time I’m Barley mixing it lol

It is alot of work kinda takes a while cause you do it several times I did it over two days 3rd time second day

I make bubble hash (ice/water) and I think it would be pointless to feed your plants the water. It might even harm them by clogging up the soil of uncessary ‘stuff’ and hindering the oxegen.

Each weak I dump out over 50 gallons of grimey green water. Thought about drinking some a few times. Always end up firing up a Thia Stick insted. :wink:

Happy hashing…

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I dumped mine on the plants outside the garden tomatoes ect didn’t do anything but I would not indoors might be cause for some nasty bugs or moldy issues to arise from it. I’ve only washed stuff twice tho as it is not an easy process draining thru the 25 micron bags. It took forever for my bag to drain like 2.5 hrs or better it was. Pain in the arse.


Yeah takes a bit you gotta like squeeze it then kinda bounce it out at bottom think I may try the dry ice next time

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Butane works also if ur super careful in a ventilated area. I use PVC tube sealed on ends with caps have screw on caps both ends to unscrew and empty and pack the tube but it’s easy. I use a piece of micron screen at the bottom end with multiple holes for stuff to run out of. One hole uptop for butane to be sprayed in at. Pack tube up cap off and run butane thru the tube which will push out all the good stuff u want let butane evap evaps quick with warm air blowing on it ect. After it’s not liquidy on the parchment paper I then run the parchment paper over a hott ass flood light it’s enough to heat up the wax and make sure the butane is gone from it but not enough to burn the wax. Super easy make sure no flames around at all and we’ll be tilared area. Can also do washes with everclear liquor 190 proof stuff but u need a griddle or something with no flame to boil off the everclear after it sets and extracts what needs extracted.

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Toss out the 25 bag. Try a 220 → 120 → 45 bag set up sometime.