Bubble bags-step by step


Here is my step by step for using bubble bags. If you have any questions please ask.


Thanks for the info it helps me a lot. How much bubble hash are you getting per ounce of material.


You know?.. I’ve only checked it once or twice, since it’s only for me. I recall checking just out of curiosity. If I can find the sheet of paper I keep my notes on regarding that stuff I’ll let you know. There’s a rule of thumb that people go by but I can’t remember what it is. Something like 10 or 25% of it becomes usable? Don’t do not quote me on that though. I’m sure if someone sees this and reads it they’ll post and answer if they know it. Good luck. If you use this method I hope it goes well.



This was a great read! We’re going to try this today. Just have a couple questions.

We have one 5 gal bucket, should we have 2?
We have 8 micron sizes sounds like 3 catch and 1 work bag are enough?

If you wanted to do a 2nd and 3rd run. Do you save the water that has run through the bags for the next run? Or just work from the plant matter?

Also have you ever done a butter or Isopropyl run of the plant matter after bubble hashing it?

Cleaning the bags. Will straight water work?


Sorry it took me a day to get back to you. I apologize. I hope it went well for you if you already started but in case you didn’t I’ll try and answer some of the questions best I can. Thank you for reading I’m glad you enjoyed it!
I only have one five gallon bucket. Two might be handy just to put stuff in so water doesn’t drip everywhere Etc. Yes I believe the one work bag with the three catch bags will be just fine. You can always add another one down the road or buy a new set if you’re not happy or see that you might be missing a lot of the trichome matter.
You would probably be forced to throw out the water from your 1st run because I found as you go along the ice will melt a little in addition to the water you put into it. And then after your run you would tend to have to pour more cold water around the side of the bags to help all the trichomes get to the center of the screens, which then gets added to the total water and ice in your 5 gallon bucket. Ideally I guess it would be ok to re-use that water? But for a second or third run you could always do fresh again just like you’re starting from the beginning. If that makes sense? That might be the safe thing to do.
No I’ve never used alcohol or anything else other than just my ice and water Bubble Bags. There’s some good reads on the site about using dry ice. I may try that sometime though.
During clean up, I find alcohol just helps breakdown the sticky trichomes and plant matter a little easier from the screens. But I’m sure if you use like Dawn dish soap or some kind of non-abrasive soap with warm water you would get the same effect. And I think definitely with warm water you can just wash out the bags if you wanted to. Keep in mind though after you wash and clean them let them hang for days. You don’t want any water getting stuck in the fabric of your bag or your screens and creating mold. That happened to someone I know. He washed his bags after one run and must not have let them dry enough when he went to use them again he pulled them out and it was like mold spots everywhere.
Good luck with your run. And just like anything the more you do it the better you’ll get at it and the more efficient you’ll get at it. Keep a couple of big towels on hand just to wipe up any water on the floor or condensation. Good luck let me know how it goes when you get a chance. Have a good afternoon


Hey @neckNflu!

No worries on the delay. Everyone’s on a different schedule and likely timezone, so just getting a response at all is great!

I didn’t run it yet. I opted for a second bucket and now I just need ice now, and time to do this. I think tomorrow or Friday will be the day.

I think I will add a 4th catch bag, that will ease my concern for not reusing the water.

I also want to document the process, and it will also become a review bags/company I purchased them from.

Dry Ice will be something I try later this year I hope. With fall harvest coming. We are definitely going to have lots of sugar leaf and baby buds to work with.

Thank for the info!!


As for cleaning the screens, after you get most of your goodies out just let the bags dry. Flip them inside out over a big bowl or dish-pan after they dry and scrape them with a credit card, and maybe a stiff bristle brush.

Everything that was stuck between the screen holes is still good stuff. Dawn or other chemicals are really not a good idea unless you are processing professionally, want to keep separate strains from getting mixed, etc. If you brush them out real good and wait until they dry to store them, you’ll get any leftovers during the next run.


My pleasure. I hope you have a good time doing it. I usually turn on the TV and watch sports talk or something while I’m doing it. It can get a little monotonous sitting there moving and mixing everything around in a bucket haha have a good morning and good luck!


That’s a good idea! I honestly never thought about letting them dry to the point where they get dry enough that the trichomes kind of turn to that hash “dust” (kief?) when they’re knocked out. That will probably save me a lot of wasted stuff too. Yeah I agree with the Dawn dish soap I heard of people doing it but i never used it. I usually just use alcohol and some warm water. I know that works for me so I stuck with it. But I think this next time I may just let them dry & after a few days I can knock them out over a white piece of paper and scoop up anything that falls out. Thanks for the idea! Have a good morning.


@Whodat66 & @neckNflu Great suggestions. I will do that for sure. Doing it either this afternoon or tomorrow. It’s been sitting in the freezer since May.


Creative side thought.
We are considering cutting a hole in one of the buckets near the bottom. So that we can attach a vacuum cleaner to it from the outside. Effectively turning the set-up into a large vacuum funnel.

The rationale here would be to then save the liquid and run it through the system a couple times to ensure nothing was lost. (Anyone have input on this??)

Like pouring it back through all bags (eg 220, 160, 90, 45, 25).


I would keep it simple. I have a ‘ultimate super incredibly awesome set’ of bubble bags with every micron they make.

After doing it once - since it is basically just for me to salvage every last trichome and get high off it - Screw all that :wink:

I plan to use the ‘work’ bag (biggest holes) and the smallest. And after the first run add more ice/water as needed and do it again. If you have veg material left in the hash, after it dries out run it across a dry-sift screen to get the junk out.

Save EVERYTHING, ‘filter’ as best you can, waste nothing.


So are you going to re-run the water that goes through the bags?

Any thoughts about creating suction to help with the bag drainage?


Way too much effort.

You are dealing with buckets of water and ice. Use as much fresh water ant ice as you need to keep it uncomfortably cold for your hands. Your smallest micron bag is not going to let much through, except green water that has chlorophyll in it.

Whether I ran that water through a coffee filter or something would depend on how bored I was, and how desperate I was for a buzz.


We ran things through yesterday. Not sure on the total weight of the fresh frozen trim. But stopped after about 6 hours of doing runs non-stop.

My arms and wrists are beat to crap. I will definitely be making a snorkel for bucket #1, so that the liquid just pours out the bottom and then I reload on water and start beating the plant matter again.

Any suggestions on processing the collected grades? They are just chilling out in the fridge right now.


That’s what I do. I put them in the fridge let them get hard and then kind of break them off the screen. Then I get any thing else I can collect off the screen. From there I set them on a plate and I let him sit out for a long time to make sure the moisture gets out. Roughly 7 to 14 days. But I’ve never processed a huge amount just my own personal bit. So drying times might need to be adjusted? Good luck and congratulations. It sounds like you’re going to have some fun coming up sampling. Enjoy!


At this point I just do not want any of the grades to mold. I’m starting to break up the pieces and giving it time to dry in and out of the fridge. Storing it open in the fridge most of the day.


In the very first video at the top of this thread there is a mistake: he says he is using a 90 micron filter screen, but then suggests that a “220 micron or better” would yield better kief. Since 220 microns is a bigger opening that 90 microns, a bag with a 220 screen will let larger pieces of plant material through which will contaminate the kief. 220 still leads to good kief, but it is not as good as using the 90 micron bag he is actually using in the video.


I think I understood what the message was.

I have a 4-5 bag set-up depending on the bud. For outdoor I’ll use 5 bags so as to filter more of the non-keif material that passes through the work bag. Thanks!


The water/ice method is time consuming and much harder work, yielding less kief/hash than the dry ice method. While you should be careful not to keep shaking until green stuff comes out, it’s very easy and simple-- and you get more kief than the water/ice method!

Here’s how I do it:

You’ll need two very clean plastic 5-gallon buckets, a 120-mesh hash/filter bag (the 5-gal size), weed, and dry ice. 3-4 pounds of dry ice will do 6 ounces of weed, maybe more. I buy my dry ice at the grocery store.

Put the bag of weed you’re going to use into the freezer for an hour or two while you go buy your dry ice… just to get it a little colder.

Dump your fresh-frozen cannabis and dry ice into the 5-gallon bucket. Wearing gloves, break up the dry ice into approximately 2" chunks.

Take the size 120 hash/bubble/pollen bag, turn it upside down and fit it over the opening of the bucket so it’s sticking up above the top, then shake and swirl the bucket around for 3-4 minutes. (The process of shaking/swirling the cannabis around with the dry ice freezes the trichomes hard and then breaks them off of everything they’re attached to.)

Turn the bucket (with the bag still on it!) upside down, putting the bag filter-first into the second bucket as you do; you’re emptying both the dry ice and cannabis from the first bucket into the filter bag, with the mesh part down inside the second bucket. Give the upper bucket a few good whacks to loosen anything sticking to it and then remove it from the bag…

Shake the bag into the second bucket. This will cause resin to sift through the mesh part of the bag and fall out into the bottom of the bucket. Keep shaking until you don’t see any resin falling out-- or until you just can’t shake anymore… (You can watch for green stuff, but I’ve never seen any this way…)

Collect the newly fallen resin into a pile and transfer it into a container of your choice. That’s it!

(You can start with a 73-mesh, then do a 120-mesh, then a 160 and a 220, keeping the four results separate to distinguish quality, but the 120 results are fine for me and much less hassle…)

To review:

  1. Put weed and dry ice pieces into first bucket
  2. Shake and swirl for 3-4 minutes
  3. Dump dry ice and weed into 120 micron bag
  4. Shake bag into second bucket until it stops raining kief…
  5. Remove kief from bottom of bucket and put it into whatever…

I use my kief to sprinkle in some of the joints I roll (I mark those, 'cuz they kick ass). And… we have lift-off!