Bubble bags-step by step


I’m getting into a little bit of wood working stuff myself but I’m a long ways from that level. That’s awesome though, well done. That’s exactly something I would like to make in the future.


@Whodat66 Awesome! I want one:) Please let me know how it turns out. If you smoke out of a pipe I have found something wonderful a permanent screen and I am trying to spread the word so please pass on. Made by stoners in the USA and under 5.00 Amazon.com51zyznrV2NL


Those look like a great idea, but I don’t think they would work with a GRAV glass bowl. I will gladly grab one next time I order something and give it a shot, but I don’t think it will work for my primary ‘equipment’ :wink: I have this ash-catcher rig on a plain straight beaker bong.


@Whodat66 Yes the will fit! Try it I love mine and I have 3 totally different pipe types yipes:)


I’ll definitely give it a shot. For now, here’s a little life-hack for the cone shaped bowls :wink:

I hate the flowers getting clogged up and the ‘jacks’ letting all your stuff through.


what do you guys use for trim?

im thinking of blending my entire plant (minimal bud- mostly stem/ fan leaves ) and using that for dry ice bubble hash


It seems to me that the dry ice method would work best for buds. Could be wrong, but I would go with the regular bag method for stuff that is not chock-full-o-trichomes.


im going to have to disagree. although i havent done it before, in my head i think the colder it is the better. so using dry ice won’t make it any worse. please argue…

the real question to me is: Is it worth using materials other than bud? can you answer that?


My answer to that would be that from my last grow which only produced 2oz, I got about 7g of pure from the water-ice method, and I had very few popcorn buds if any, it was a pitifully small harvest, so I saved every little bud.

I think the fact that it is submerged and 100% in contact with the 32-ish degree water, where the dry ice might be colder, but only randomly touches stuff. If you have enough dry ice, I’m sure it wouldn’t matter either way.


good point about the dry ice not being in contact with everything at once.

to clarify: did you use the entire plant, or did you use all 2ozs of your buds?

i dont really want to sacrifice my buds for hash, but I would make hash using only trimmings and small buds. my goal is to see if this process is worth it without sacrificing my nice big buds.


Only reason I commented was because you said “stems and trim”. No, I would never sacrifice bud to get kief :wink: That’s what I meant by saving every little bud. I got that 7g from 2 ‘washes’ of nothing but sugar-leaves, fan leaves and stems. Also, I don’t have a endless supply of dry ice in my kitchen :slight_smile: I might have gotten 8-10g with dry ice, who knows.


i lucked out because my friend works in a lab with dry ice so i have an endless supply basically!

and sounds good… do you use a blender to grind all the material up?


NO!!! Unless you are interested in the medicinal properties of chlorophyll. All the ‘goodies’ grow on the outside.


do you have any more information on that? this is the first time ive heard this


All the THC is in the trichomes. Trichomes are on the outside of the plant, whether it is stem, leaf, or limb. Even inside the buds, the trichomes are on the exterior of each calyx. The reason buds are ground is just to get better surface area contact with the inner parts of the buds - where the trichomes are still external plant parts.


Welll said @Whodat66


whats wrong with chlorophyll? color of the hash? taste?


Dude, it’s a free world and you can do whatever you please.


i just figure that blending will open up more surface area to be in contact with dry ice. =more trichomes

how is chlorophyll going to harm the product?


Ever taste grass? Like, the lawn kind?