Bubble bag - Dry Ice method


Hi guys, got 200g extra product, planning to do above method - please can someone outline process for me & also advise if the product needs to be ground before mixing with dry ice or whole buds are fine - please help - 1st timer


Go to You Tube. They have plenty of good videos on this topic.


I sent you an invite to a step-by-step I wrote here on the Forum. I believe it’s called Bubble Bags step by step. Good luck and enjoy! Checking YouTube videos is a good idea also!


Easy peasy. You have the bags?

I follow the method described by Nebula Haze on the growweedeasydotcom site.

I get a five gallon bucket - put a little dry ice in it, add the fresh, frozen material (I do bubble hash runs with fresh, frozen material), and more dry ice on top. I use larf/trim for this and I do cut it up as I remove it from the plant - so it’s already cut up pretty well when I put it in the bucket.

Then you fit the bag you want to use over the top of the bucket, and turn it over to move the material from the bucket to the bag.

Now shake the bag over a surface where you can collect the kief. Shake it some more. And some more.

Shake it some more.

Shake it some more.

Scrape up your kief/bubble hash into a pile.

Shake it some more. And then some more. Repeat this process until nothing comes out of the bag.

Then dump the material back into the bucket, add a little more dry ice if needed, and move on to a bag with larger holes.

I normally just run 73 micron and 160 micron now.

FWIW the last time I did this (a week and a half ago I guess) I used 4 one gallon bags of fresh frozen trim from a super silver haze plant and got 56g of 73 micron kief, and around the same of 160 micron kief.


Awesome info Bogleg, will definitely do it that way.

What do you do with Kief once collected, press?, or heat?


I dry and cure it like flower then either smoke it or use it to make edibles or shatter/oil for e-juice.


I only did this once, but with a set of different micron bubble-bags. My advice, unless you are processing stuff to sell in different grades, is to just use the biggest (smaller micron number) mesh, then pick one other. You can still smoke the stuff that goes through the big holes, then I used the finest mesh to strain the water and catch the good stuff.


Waitasec - is my understanding of the micron sizes incorrect?

A micron is equal to one miliionth of a meter - so the smaller the micron size, the smaller the hole, I thought.

Doesn’t a 25 micron bag have holes that are 25 microns in size, whereas a 160 micron bag has holes that are 160 microns in size? Doesn’t that mean that the bag with the smaller micron number produces finer material?


I may have it backwards, but at least you know what I meant. :wink:
Yeah, after working with 4 different bags, and 4 times the effort, I couldn’t really tell much difference between the last 2-3. I just see it as a way to get something for nothing, recycling, whatever. Anything you get out of something you would have tossed is bonus.

Edited: I was gonna edit the other post - but that would have made the rest of this not make sense :wink:


I feel the same way - at this point I’m always more than well stocked so it’s not like I need the kief or the extra work either.


I use the 73 and 160 micron bags with dry ice and see no reason to use any more; it does a nice job.


Thanks - exactly. Pretty much anything that gets through the big mesh is good - anything that doesn’t is compost :laughing:


WOW, thanks guys, I’m ready to do my thing now - u guys ROCK !


Its a great method
Just be gentle when shaking and watch for color change in the kief
When you see green its more plant material
So move to another area so you can separate the different quality kief
I do a first and second run myself
To keep things separated

Post some pictures when your done


ever use a pollen press on hash afterwards?

just ordered one


Yes! And the kief will age and cure and get mo’ betta like fine wine or cigars! Store it just like you would buds. IMHO though, if you plan to use the stuff in the near future it’s a waste of time and effort. If you have bulk after a grow, it is a very good option for long term storage since it eliminates all oxygen from the puck.


what do you use for trim?

im thinking of blending my entire plant (minimal bud- mostly stem/ fan leaves ) and using that for dry ice bubble hash. once i have the hash i will make pucks.

and sounds good. do you use boveda humidity packets for storage?


mee too:grinning:


I do. I have noticed that they tend to reduce the aroma of stored weed. But keeping your daily use stash without one perks it right back up.


At @amosmoses you can definitely use the entire plant to process using dry ice
Watch the color change darker means more plant material
I perfer to do a couple runns on my trim
I use sugar leaves stems and fan leaves when processing
I always process my flower separately from the trim
Making pucks with the hash collect is great
I will press mine into rosin after that :wink: