Bubbelicious 4x4 Scrog started Aug 1

I hope this isnt offensive because i think your a cool guy, but i read above and wondered if your Screen name has to do with your physical ailment? If not is there a story to the name?
Im gonna follow your adventure in Scrogging. Im gonna try one next grow and am sure i can benefit from your trials and tribulations :nerd:

The product is Dynagrow Bloom. I like how simple it is to use. 1/2 tsp per gal and forget it. Drops ph from 7.0 to 6.5 or just under.

I never get offended about my medical issues. I have Buergers Disease. It destroys the connecting tissue at the capillary level. No circulation caused Gangreen and I had to have my leg amputated above the knee. I was laying in the hospital on morphine and playing an online game and named my guy Roflstompskin. My friends in Ireland shortened it to Stompy but that name was taken here. So a one legged man named Stomper was born :tongue:


Awesome positive spin on it. I have psoriasis scattered all over me from head to toe like a spotted Cheetah, and im slightly chubby so i dubbed myself Barnacle Bill lol It didnt stick with my friends but i liked it. Lauighing is alot more fun than lettin it get ya down. Hey i just thought of something, my cousin here in America married a great guy who lived in Ireland and she moved there. She told me they didnt use a refrigerator cuz its so cold there that they used some ?hole in the ground called something?? Do you know what im talking about or have i mixed up a Twilight Zone episode up with real life lol

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I would not buy from ebay or amazon you dont know what you will get and there are alot of cheap copy cobs around.
I just found out how much i like the phrase " Cheap copy cobs" lol i keep repeating it, …

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Is that suspension really til August 30 2017 or is that supposed to be 2016 @garrigan62

From what I understand it’s for good. He can’t come back ever sorry. I guess he and latewood had a falling out


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Like a root cellar?

One of my plants will grow thru the screen today. :soon:

Oh, here’s a cool one, my daughter sent me a picture of her hand yesterday. She was wearing a Super Bowl 50 ring. Her friend was a Broncos Cheerleader.


@Stomper did you see my question above about the root cellar or whatever its called

I don’t know what it’s called. My friends were in Belfast. They use fridges (not refrigerators).

Grill in foil and coat in butter when close to done

When grilling fish, add lemon to cut the fishiness out. I personally place a wedge of lemon directly inside where the guts were. For catfish thought I wouldn’t recommend grilling the whole fish. They don’t actually have scales, they’re more like eels. Fillet the catfish next time, and remember this little advice, DONT gut it before you fillet. When done correctly, you can catch a fish and fillet it without needing to gut it. And my favorite catfish recipe is fillets coated in a mixture of corn meal and potato chips. Delicious!

I grille tons of trout every year. Herbs, lemon, and butter. Wrap in foil and grille for 20 minutes on low setting. Skin should pull right off and meat will fall of the bones. One of my top favorite foods. Catch it myself, gut it myself, cook it myself. Nature at its best! :v:


If you’re going to fillet it, take the time to remove any of the dark meat that you can. Much of that muddy taste you experienced comes from that.

I didn’t realize you could cook them with the skin on. I was taught to always skin them first.

These big ones have so much blubber on them I just make steaks fron the tail meat like shark steaks and grill with lemon and butter, Worcestershire sauce, lemon pepper and garlic salt. I let em drip all the fat into the fire.


But on the Scrog topic …

One of the kids went hermie. It’s dead Jim! Now I have 5 to do the Scrog with but I have no worries about filling it. The root system on the dead one woul make a great wish broom or a wig. :nerd_face:


I’m sorry for your loss. I know how disappointed you feel when you find out your girl flopped on you.

Now stop calling me Jim!:wink:

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What are we seeing in this picture? To me , it looks like another branch, is that the male sex? I honestly don’t know, so could someone point out what we need to focus on??

Please :pray:t4:

Speaking of Latewood… Heard anything from him?

Do you see where the little branches are? Since I topped it it should only have grown two branches.

Those are the beginnings of hermaphroditism in this plant. It’s making pollen sacks. I removed it because it won’t be good and it can ruin my whole crop if it bursts one of the pollen pods in the future. I would have to bleach the whole tent to avoid issues with future grows too.

No I sure haven’t phones are down still.