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Just to get an idea how big some of these buds are. That can is sitting in the middle third of that bud.


My city decided to up the ph in the water so I ran into a ph problem. It was coming in at 7 forever but now it’s 7.5. Lost lots of fan leaves but the buds are fine. Everything is fully cloudy and some Amber so I am harvesting two plants and when that is dry enough to cure I will finish the harvest. I test dried a branch last week and it’s very potent already.


Been having some issues with my leg not fitting since I lost weight. I am due for a new socket but there are complications with where I am in the system. No more Medicaid cuz I get too much on disability but the Medicare is not going to kick in till they decide to. Meantime the cheapest health care I get offered is $600 a month for a $5,000 deductible with $1,500 additional expenses per year. Socket is $9,000 so I have to have a minimum of $5k on hand to get it.

Anyway I finally got some pics of where we are now. I am giving them only ph’ed water from now on.

This is what I have harvested from the first two plants.


I’m hoping Trump will honor his words for you Vets. I don’t believe you should have to pay a penny for any medical. It’s the least they could do with all our tax money they extort from us!


I am not a vet myself but I am with you on that. I worked for over 40 years before I was 57. I paid into the system every year and made some decent money for the last half of my years. That’s why I maxed out on disability and when I hit the age it turns to SSI.


My mistake. I thought you had lost your leg in service.

Still seems like they should honor all the money you put in. Especially when so many get everything handed to them that haven’t ever paid in. :rage:

That’s a rant for another topic! :wink:

Maybe you can get some serious munchies and put the weight back on until everything gets worked out! :wink::hamburger:


Yeah my doc said same thing. Load up on ice cream and beer. :beers::icecream:I spent a lot of time with a good friend who was a Vietnam Nam Marine. He taught me how to fight and party. He did three LRPs in the early 70s. Follow that up with a couple decades of martial arts training and my sensei said I was one of his ninjas. No good at play but he didn’t want to be on the business end of a fight with me cuz I was sneaky.


I am in the same boat as you so to speak Stomper. I am on disability now and when I turn 62 it will turn to SS. I finally got to see your finish on plants. I must have looked at this right before you finished putting in the rest of info. That’s why I asked in the other section. The plants look good! Enjoy! Mike

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Today was Disability Day (awesome pop culture reference thrown in). As of this month I should never have to go to a retail shop for smoke and am crossing that line off my budget :smile:. The stuff I already harvested will last till next year and I still have three to go.

I already have two WW and two Jack waiting for the room so it’s rolling like Henry Ford.


Aahhh…to never have to buy weed again!!!


So got those two plants into jars and curing. I took about a half ounce before that in thinning and little branches. I got three ounces this time. I realize I harvested this about as early as you could get away with and traded a chunk of volume for having smoke for this month and turkey day.

The other three plans are still going strong. Seeing fewer yellowing leaves since I corrected the ph. The buds are swelling up now as the hair curl back in and the smaller buds on the branches will double in size so we will get to see why we wait those last two weeks to harvest when we think it’s already ready.

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Day 112 - The stuff I dried and have curing is wicked but airy buds. The three plants left are fattening up all around and the smaller buds lower on the branches went from marble sized to golf ball sized, almost double what it was two weeks ago.


Day 120 - The trichomes on every plant were at least 40% Amber and further along on most so I harvested. Once it is dried I wil get some final pics but it looks like about 5-6 oz hanging tho I am probably over estimating (read that dreaming). We will see when it is jarred. I have consistently seen a one oz purchase from a retail shop fill my jars to the 32 oz line so I am putting a little more than that in each jar to accommodate drying.

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32 oz or 32 grams?

A 32 oz Mason Jar. Looking at the jar, I should say I fill it to the 24 oz line when I put 1oz of retail bud in it. 32 oz line is at the neck of the jar. The jar measures in liquid oz weight so I’m just using the line as a guesstimate line to get approx an oz in each jar.


32 oz. is the liquid measurement for the jar he has. Not a dry measure weight. At least I believe that’s it.


I smoked a jar and a half since the first harvest and this is what’s left:

Total guesstimate of the harvest 9 oz. Under yield due to early harvest on the first two plants maybe by up to an oz per plant so this yield should be easily 10 oz or more next time.

So ends this story. The next story is already begun at Stomper’s ILGM Jack Herer and White Widow Scrog … see ya there.


Wow @greenporn @garrigan62 supernice plants bro pleasure to watch!

Like the look my friend really really good

Hahahaha hahahaha pawn stars on the tv in the background. Awesome.