Bubba Kush Grow and Harvest



Question from a fellow grower-

I started to grow 6 bubba kush. but only 3 made it to 3 ft tall? They do not want to grow taller. I cut 1 plant to dry = harvest.

I have 2 more bubba kush growing. will cut them in a week?

I hang dry the 1 plant for 3 days. inside shed, no sun, but some in window, all day in shade. open door., see pics.

On order is electronic scale to 500 gm. I got 100 3"x4" ziploc.

how much do I weight in each ziploc?


ziploc is not a great material to store buds in, the terpenes will just flow right out through the plastic. better are mason jars


You need jars to cure your harvest, I use 32oz jars and Boveda 62% packets after burping for 3 weeks. You don’t want all your hard work to be for naught.