Bubba Kush any tips?

Hi everyone
Ive started a grow journal as its my first grow.
This question is a bit more specific as I am wanting to hear from anyone who has grown Bubba Kush indoors.
Basically any tips for the grow like what nutes did it need, how long did vege and flowering take.
Also what sort of weight did you get out of each plant.

I know there are lots of variables but it would be interesting to read others experience with the same strain.
Cheers :beers:

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@Fergus I’m an indoor grower but haven’t tried Bubba Kush yet (waiting for it to come in mail) but anyways are you wanting to do soil? If it’s a feminized plant usually with veg stage I keep mine vegging for about 7-8 weeks and for flowering I usually do 9 weeks to 10 weeks then harvest. We will have to know what your grow setup is so one of us can help you better. But imo don’t go by dates or times best thing to do is determine whether the plant is ready to be in flowering stage. With dry weight you get about 10% (maybe a little more) from weight wet when you finish dry buds. @dbrn32 @Dr.DankThumb420 @garrigan62 will better guide you. Also I would love to see your progress when you grow your Bubba Kush.

Thanks @GreenThumb101
I dont want to double up here so I better keep my questions for my grow journal. Just was looking to see if maybe someone had grown this strain.
Appreciate your time.
Ill tag you in my journal :+1:



Don’t forget me my friend…lol @garrigan62


I did last spring. 2/3 where great, the other was good. It’s an easy grower. It’s the first plant I ever saw with 13 fingers on it. Smoke was tasty and not harsh with no flushing.


I’ve grown platinum bubba kush, veg as long as you want, I usually veg 8-10 weeks, flowering usually about 9 weeks. Needs nutes same as other plants, I use the Advanced Nutrients line. I got about 6 oz per plant.

Here’s some bubba kush buds I grew earlier this year, great stuff.


Thank you @RandomlyRan and @Hellraiser buds look yummy.
Thats exactly what I wanted to know. Very encouraging.
I have one in my tent and an extra one that was struggling but I couldnt bring myself to toss but instead put out in a plastic greenhouse.

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@Fergus I have 3 Bubba Kush strains but haven’t grew them yet. I am waiting til majority of my plants are done and ready to harvest. I am definitely locked in to watch how yours grow!

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My latest bubba, harvested 2wks ago. Its one of the easiest plants to grow, all indicas grow easy imo. Bubba needs good cal/mag and lots of phospherous in flower. Harvest is round 9wks.


That looks :ok_hand: @MrFriend
Ive still got another 6 weeks or so and I hope she bulks up a bit like yours :facepunch:


I wish I could get colors like that but its hotter than hell down in South Texas.:+1:

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Awesome. Congrats. Outmotherfugginstanding :+1:

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@MrPeat, im above you in Oklahoma.

@Fergus she will def fatten up, more solid than voluminous

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That is to cold for my blood. I’m actually a Cornhusker. When I finally left the Army I said I wouldn’t come back to Texas after one of my stations was Ft Hood, but here I am. Hahahha

My dad was stationed at ft hood. Lt Col Friend. Retired 15yrs ago

Where in OK? I’m in Tahlequah

Edmond ok

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Been there a ton. I have family in yukon and friends in okc

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Nevee been to talaquah. Im not from Oklahoma, been living here since 2003 so there is a lot of state i haven’t seen