Bubba Kush @ 4 weeks?

Does this guy look okay for being 4 weeks old (from sprouting)?
In black gold seedling mix, haven’t transferred it to a 3 gallon fabric pot yet. Temps and humidity is good. Opinions?


Looks happy to me.
It is a photo period right :thinking: or is it an autoflower?

Autoflower :woozy_face:

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In this case I’d advice moving it to bigger pot quickly, sometimes they start flowering in just a few weeks.
Best to try and move them along pretty quickly so you dont in up with a small yeild.

Don’t panic though, as I zoom in she dosen’t apear to have hit maturity yet as I dont see any little preflowers yet so you still got plenty of time I’d imagine :+1:


Awesome brotha, thank you!

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Looking good. I would get her in a bigger pot. I have some bubba kush going now. They were some full plants for sure. This picture they were 5 weeks from sprout.

This is them almost 6 weeks into flower.