Bubba, beginner

Thanks again man the PK’s are beautiful

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So when you say Coco coir and peat moss is that all you’re using because I use both also but mine are mixed with Organic Soil and perlite

The coco is 60/40 coco & perlite
The peat is about the same - perlite only with some dolomite lime for pH.
Had been using FF Ocean Forest that I amended heavily. Thought I would give the inert medias a try.

I use an organic soil that I don’t have a picture of and some of that stuff that I’m showing you the picture of the Moss and perlite

Play try your way next time😄

Good evening beardless, Ronnie probing you again. About the Jack’s 321, do you use it full strength?

Because I am using coco or peat both which provide zero nutrients, the only way they eat is if I feed them. Yes I feed at full strength except for seedlings and clones. With them I dilute the mix down to more traditional growth stage ppm recommendations. Once they are in full veg, 100%
To obtain a very comprehensive 321 feed chart check out KootMedCOM (or just search)
Go to Feeding and download the 321 feed chart.

Thank you

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