BT treatment- is it safe to use for Caterpillars?

I’ve just found a Caterpillar on my plant. I’m in flower right now and I need to know what treatment is safe from a smoking point of view. I’m getting a BT concentrate… Any ideas?

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BtK and Spinosad are safe up until harvest day. I would rinse my harvest: just search for ‘bud washing’ on Youtube.

You need to re-apply every 5 days or so.

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Thanks @Myfriendis410

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Depending on how bad your Caterpillar problem is, I’d for go treating if it’s not bad and take the time to look over the plant pretty well to see if you find more. This is what I do. I try not to use anything on my plants to treat for bugs. It has worked for me every time.


You are lucky; have one louper moth land on your plant and you will be loaded with caterpillars. Doing an outside grow it’s almost a given you have to work on pest control. Indoors; not so much.

I’m outdoor right now.

I have the time, stay at home dad, to spend with my ladies. Pick off any worms I see. I’m battling aphids right now on my blue cheese. I bought ladybugs to help but that didn’t work. It is labor intensive to pick over the plant but it’s what I do. It’s a lot like picking potato bugs off my potato plants except smaller. Persistence is key.

I’m just saying people see a caterpillar on their plant and the first thing they go for is pesticides when picking over could take care of the problem.

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Thanks @Myfriendis410. I tend to overreact and want to keep it safe.

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I am in complete agreement and it’s refreshing to see the thought growers give to the issue of how to treat. I do treat prophylactically using peroxide and either BtK or Spinosad. Unfortunately though mechanical picking won’t catch the worm that burrowed into the bud and killed it from the inside out while also introducing botrytis (bud rot).

I’ll bet you’ve got some pretty girls.

Yup I agree. I had a worm burrow into the bud creating bud rot on an auto flower. I was surprised to see it when I cut the rot out.

Here are my ladies.

Blue Haze

Blue Cheese

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I did a Sns 203 soil drench for all soil born insects root eaters and molds and fungus and I spray with insecticidal soap for a preventative measure to make plants un appealing smelling and tasting to pests

Thanks all…better safe than sorry

By the way, beautiful ladies you’ve got there