BS Cannabis Myths


Just wondering what are some of the most ridiculous bull sh*t myths you have heard ?
I’ll start it off with this one which i hadn’t heard since my younger days but had someone mention it to me just recently.

Harvest your plant whole with roots intact and soak roots in hotwater with a kg of sugar then hang upside down to dry an you will get crystallized potent buds. WTF ?
What the hell is that going to achieve when there is very little thc in the plant except for the flowers. If you harvest at right time(i prefer around 90%) and hang plant upside down to dry at a low temp(21°C) for 2-3weeks you can achieve wicked buds anyway.

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I remember hearing that smoking cannabis can cause man boobs, I wish. lol


Eating cannabis seeds will make you sterile.



iv heard the same thing lol.


I reckon too many munchies & the man boobs could be a problem. And there is a lot of crap in this world in the food we eat, environment & also prescription meds that can cause sterility.


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Gotta be careful with the Reefer madness, it will turn you into a flesh eating zombie like in the walking dead. LOL


There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence, both pro and con.


I got told by someone that males also produce buds… had to agree and walk away not to get in a debate with him


Got a friend that sells mexican swag, yuck. He believes the male plant is the one to keep. He thinks thats where the buds come from.
Tomorrow i have to tell him there really isnt a Santa Claus.


I’m “mentoring” a kid I work with. I describe with as much detail what he should be doing. Today he told me he’s been dumping the runoff after feeding, back into his plants :see_no_evil:

I said, “that’s like making your girls eat their own shit”. He thought recycling the runoff would give the plants more nutes.


Here’s 2
Using black lights after regular lights go out give the plant more potency because it like what the moon shines on them. WTH and just walked away.

Giving you plant crushed up vitiman C pills make the buds bigger and potent.



It’ll give you a feeling of guilt causing you to think you can fly. Poor thing never had a chance.


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Blacklights & Vitamin C, WTF ? I’d just walk away also.
And an interesting fact i learned recently was that Arnie 5 times Mr Olympia smoked pot after workouts to help ease the pain & aid recovery, probably still does but just doesn’t inhale. Lol


And probably the most famous statement.