Bruce Banner week 11

some autos…especially if stressed can take longer…my first bruce banner auto I ever grew this past year went 15 weeks…how ever my last one I chopped like say around Christmas was done in 11 weeks total…I’ve had a gsc extreme done in 9 weeks… sativas can generally take a little longer to mature than indicas is what I’ve read

alot has to deal with the conditions


My tricome monster

How often do you feed.

Also I would leave the leafs :leaves: on unless the are blocking light to buds.

2 to 3 times a week. 1/2 recommended doses of AN, cal/mag, black strap unsulfered molasses, and just started Overdrive about a week ago. PPM 1250. Everything else in at the correct perimeters.

First I want to say dang it’s cold out. 0 degrees Fahrenheit.
Ok I’m not telling you to do this. It is what I have done in the past and it worked with plants that looked like that.
Feed straight ph’d water then next feed only feed with half the strength you are now. Then ph,d water then if the trichomes look like you have another week and a half or more feed same strength nutes as above. Then run her on straight ph’d water the rest of the way.
This is why I said I would not take the leaves off.
1 they are not hurting a thing so why stress her more.
2 I would want her to be able to use the food she stored in them if we made her hungry. That’s what it’s there for. If you run a week or so with her using that food in the leaves you will get smoother better tasting and just as potent product. IMO
If you take the leaves off and she gets hungry through this she will start taking her food from the buds. Even the yellow leaves have some food left in them and if you take them off she may start to eat others so I would let her finish those first.
She will fatten them buds either way.
Like I said this is just my way. You need to do you. Take all advice given and go from there

I should also mention I don’t do auto’s but I don’t think there is that much difference.

I have already removed a good amount of yellow leaves. A few at a time, not all at once. Stress is the last thing they need right now. But the buds are coming along nicely. I PPM them right after watering with nutes. Then again the next time when I only use water. They are taking in approximately half of the nutes. Is that good? And yes it is way to cold outside.:snowman:

DRsDank, your suggestion is exactly what I had in mind. Most of my Tricomes are cloudy now. Do you think another week of nutes, then start my flush? I like around 70% - 30%. Did you see the color of the tricomes in the last pic I posted? Let me know what you think. Thank you for the help.

Sounds good to me. I don’t do a traditional flush of pouring lots of water through to wash out nutes. I just run the last week and half straight water and let her start cannibalizing the leaves. Sometimes I misjudge and it’s only a week. Have to go by the trichomes. In all honesty as long as do it for a week it taste just like a week and a half. Sometimes I can see a difference in ash though.
The pic of trichomes is not that clear. I think I still see some clear. But I also think you can see it better though and if you see cloudy I would go with that. Don’t worry I take blurry pics with my scope too. I just bought a flexible stand for it though to see if I can do better. I haven’t got it modded yet to mount scope on so I still have to wait and see.

This is about a week and two or three days before harvest. When I started feeding just water. Sorry don’t have one at harvest. Also best picture I’ve ever taken with scope. I’ve only had it for 2 harvest before that it was a jewlers loop. Before that went by hairs look of sugar leaves and luck.
By hairs I mean when the hair stood up on my arm and I said oooooo look at that. Just kidding well in a way not.
Image_2021-12-06 08_00_51_854

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Just can’t seem to get the hang of this microscope.

DRsDank, LMAO. But great pic. I got some kind of flexible thing for my microscope. Well it didn’t go all that well. Paid $5, u get what you pay for on that one.

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DRsDank blow up pics. Time to flush?


And what do you think about sledgehammer? My son has 3 of my plants that he started flushing a week ago

Never used it. Like I said I don’t do a traditional flush. Probably going to bite me in the as$ some day. For now it is working though.

Actually I am checking out living soil. Seems to me hard to totally control chemicals and keep your plant happy. Just starting out, I imagine I will fall a time or two. Any thoughts on living soils?

:smile:Good one. I guess I will have to keep an eye on arm hairs