Bruce banner, thoughts

Just smoked some Bruce banner with my boss for the first time haha, turns out he grows!

I haven’t smoked in over 2 weeks so I can very easily describe how it is, smoking everyday you get a bit more hazy I find.

Smoked in a J I split with the boss, so can’t tell you taste because normally I vape.
Very slowly crept up, he even said this would happen.
Very clear high, can think clearly, my eyes don’t feel heavy, didn’t make me have the munchies.
Head high but not making me trip over my thoughts and no paranoia.
Didn’t get red eyes.
Euphoric lingering head high that’s strong but clear.
Very impressed.

Does anyone know any good auto breeders of this strain?
I imagine the original dark horse breeder is the best photo breeder of this strain

Have you smoked this strain? Or have it on hand?
Smoke it and give me your smoke reply.

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I’ve only tried one auto breeder and I wasn’t disappointed. Fastbuds … idk if they have Bruce tho, worth checking out

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I have fast buds growing now and sensi seeds but they don’t have Bruce banner.

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I’ve been growing ilgm bruce banner (fem) for a few years now. Great uplifting strain. Its my regular go to, except before bed. It wont let you sleep unless you smoke a lot of it.

Several of my friends are always trying to mooch this strain.


Unfortunately I can’t get ilgm in Canada and ide much prefer an auto… But I’ll keep looking for the right strain we may go photo.
If the auto genetics arnt up to par

Have you tried seedfinder?

Seem to by many options for photo, I didnt check for autos.


Didn’t even know how that place worked thanks!
Gave me 5 options, none of which I had found but I found at least 2 that arnt on there these seed banks I’ve never heard of sometimes sell strains and don’t list who the breeder is so I don’t like that, I want a recognized breeder.
Know any of these breeders? Ever heard of em other than seedsman

Also any idea what the legend items mean beside the breeders I can’t find that info…
Found the legend info

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