Bruce Banner seeds

That’s worrisome, thanks for bringing it up.

This doesn’t happen often but it’s possible for a subpar batch to slip through the quality checks.
Our support team keeps track of spikes in complaints about particular strains during certain periods, if there’s an obvious spike perceived, we start an investigation. So it’s always worth mentioning it.
Naturally, we replace these seeds right away.

I will follow up with the team about the Bruce Banner seeds.


kungkcupa, I was wondering what your soil is. I tried to look it up with no results. Please let me know so I might be able to help you out. I ask because nutrients in seeding stage can burn ( kill) kill a seed. This is why I went back to Pro-Mix. Pro-Mix has been designed for the cannabis growers keeping these things in mind. Not all mycorrhizal are equa; it has to be viable, needs to be near the roots ; and concentrated. Pro-mix uses viable spores per gram, the inoculant is the most concentrated product of its kind on the market. I went back to it after the disaster with that other soil. I’m now using Pro-Mix MP. It has peat moss coco coir,perlite,limestone and mycorrhizae.


Fox farms Happy frog, with mykois root booster sprinkled in. I have used this all 3 times still a newbie, like said above this might be human error on my part but I got the super mix pack autos and had good results with the GSCX, and the Gorilla Glue autos. That’s for the extra help, still going to give a few more days, I thought maybe I saw something this morning when check before leaving for work, Will know for sure when I get home today, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: thanks again

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Thank you from the great community here Stacy!


I’ve been happy with my last set of seeds. (I ordered the combo GSC, GG, and BB autos.) They are planted in Fox Farm Happy Frog. I germinated in a cup of water and transferred to paper towel.

BB was the last to germinate (show a tail) and first to show her head. She is also the smallest of the three plants.
GSC was the first to germinate and the last to show her head. She’s the largest of the three now.

My only logical explanation (to myself, to keep me patient) is that it’s nature, not an exact science. Patience is our friend! Now if I could just pin down when/how to feed them!


kinkkupa, Your temperature and humidity is good. I don’t know about keeping the temperature gauge under the dome May give a false reading . I read something quite a while ago, that your temp gauge shouldn’t be in direct light, they say it gives a false reading. I’ll have to research this. I think your soil is fine to start seeding, some had different opinions but the people that used it for years say it works at starting seeds just fine. I would give it some more time even though it might be difficult.

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Like above thanks again, I know I tell people to be patient, I need to take my own advice lol. I feel like the seedlings stage is the hardest for me cause I’m just waiting to see something. But your right I’m just trying to keep my environment in good numbers and see what happens. And if I mess up, it won’t be the first or last time. I have fun it, and if I messed up O well still have seeds left and will try, try again, thanks again for all the support really appreciate it

My Bruce Banner is about 3 weeks into flower she’s doing great I think ILGM genetics


E.A. Smokes, wow!! So these are about 6 weeks from seed? I’m doing a BB grow, made some stupid mistakes. It’s the first grow in 13 years. All new autos and LEDS.Hopefully mine recover they are starting to grow after the burn.

Kinda embarrassed to show the third one she got stuck with the shell on. Your plants look amazing, keep up the good work and keep me posted. I never did autos so not sure how big they should be for 13 days.

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Reading this post is starting to make me nervous
First time indoor grower here too
Grew some big bud back in the Day, outdoor
Dropped 6 ilgm Bruce Banner photo on Monday yesterday all seeds were posed and had tails
Transfer to solo cups with buffered coco
I know it’s early but as fast as they popped I was hoping to see my ladies today

Patients Patients Patients

For me the hardest thing about autos is how much water to give them. I’m running 3.5 gallons Oxy pot with Promix.

Dropped 6 Bruce Banner
All had tails none rose above ground

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Stacy with ILGM Support is aware and responded to a few of us. Great customer service and readily available.

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Not sure what I did
Obviously something

Was upset I apologize

Just not sure what customer service will help
Buy 10 get 10 that’s enough Bruce Banner for quite some time
6 didn’t hatch I still have 14

I’m sure it’s something I did
Cut my losses $60 and move on

I’m sorry to hear that. Please do get in contact with our support team so they can help you out.
If you don’t need replacements at this time, they can give you a store credit.


I actually messaged them when I purchased my Hero Mix Pack a few months ago, after reading about the BB giving issues. Wanted to see if I could swap the 5 BB for 5 GG. They told me let them know if anything happens with the BB and they would gladly replace them with GG. Perfectly fine answer for me. And the 1 and only BB I’ve dropped is at almost 3 weeks flower. Love the site, and the forum.

I’d also like to mention that, when I messaged CS about swapping beans, they responded within 25 minutes. Probably sooner. I pay over $300/mo for phone plans and sat on hold for 127 minutes a couple of weeks ago, while holding for 45 minutes for a virtual chat CSR.

It is my belief that, the few growers I’ve seen reeeeally pissy posts from in regards to ILGM itself, most likely have a multitude of issues going on that have zero to do with said posts.


I know! Makes the grow, 2 different grows or lopsided. Had a100% germination on WW fem. Outstanding! When seed aren’t right you suffer. I popped 2 of 5 GG4 & 3 out of 10 with Gold Leaf. The problem is with those who create the seed for U. S. distribution. Oh! Of the 5 of 15 germinated only 1 came up. May give to a friend or throw it away, a shame. Still smoking on last run of WW from outdoor grow so I have hope that the extra month I am spending on getting freaking seed won’t leave me DRY. Happy growing man.

+1 on the problem with the BB beans. I already did a ticket over 4 which would not pop. Was asked to try the rest I had on hand and most of them did not pop either. Yet to update my ticket tho.

This makes me very sad. My first run of ILGM BB produced YUGE yield and colas as big as my forearm. Not to mention, high quality smoke.

BUT, I have faith that ILGM CS team will take care of us!



Not bb not ilgm

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