Bruce Banner seeds

I am very unhappy with the BB seeds. I’ve always had 100% germination. I use straight Promix. So far I had 5 that would’ve germinate. This screws up my grow. I’m now 8 days behind the ones that took. I had planned on doing 4. At this point now I’m going to have to go with the 3 as my grow room will also be my hanging(drying room). So I’m very disappointed. For one thing I don’t really like having t buy 10 seeds at a time. I can only hope ILGM will take care of this. If not I will not be a return customer.

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PS if you plan on replacing the Bruce Banner seeds don’t bother. I did even know if I am going to try anymore of them it’s too disappointing. Wait three days in the dirt for nothing. Wasting time, electricity, and soil.

My BB is in her 3rd week of flower. Dropped 1 seed, and she’s growing like a…

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You need to contact ilgm support and they will take care of you what method of germination are you using?

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What’s your germination method?

So I have a question on this topic, is germination just getting to crack open? I got the auto mix pack all a others had no problem with, soak in water 24-48 hrs all crack and have a tail, or root showing then I place in soil, then 3-4 days I would see a sprout. I dropped 4 bb seeds last Monday in water, all had good tap root showing still have no sprout? Do I just need to wait a few more days. Back to questions is germination just getting a tap root showing ? Or actually having something to come out of ground ? Sorry to still your thread but have similar question/ problem ? Thanks guys


Sorry to here this my freind. I grew 1 out of 4 BB my last run. Only one that made it was a straight full hermi. 2 didn’t pop, 2 did but one was stuck in the seed membrane bad and died :confused:.
I’m under the impression that they are hard to crack and need stable warm environment…

I did use the ILGM germination method, but honestly I have way fast and better germination straight it rockwool, pellets, coco in cups, just whatever I got available… and place them in a dome on a digital controlled heat mat…
This has worked better then any for me.

Good luck my friend, contact ILGM through their customer service as this site is separate in that respect…

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@ILGM.Stacy will be able to answer these questions and get you to the contacts you need. @Kingkupa @Ronbowe63


Welcome to community @Ronbowe63
I’m sorry for the germination fail
If you followed the germination method of ilgm with soak you seed in water for 72 hr on darkness, I’m 100% sure some support personal go to contact you like @HMGRWN said they had you cover

Ok I soak the seeds in water until they sink to the bottom, I then place in paper towels and keep warm. Let me make this clear all seeds sank to the bottom and they all spouted a tail. Ps I’ve done this many times. The issues is they are not coming up from the soil. That’s why I mentioned using only promix and water. I keep them moist and warm. I did have one that had issues shedding it’s shell and landed up just sitting there not dying but not growing either. I thought I read someone or something about trouble with the BB seeds. I don’t know. I have to keep trying as I promised one.

Just bury seeds in fox farm happy frog a half inch deep and keep soil moist and under fluorescent low wattage bulbs and they will pop every time. Its really.not that difficult.

Well after thinking it over I believe operator error. I’m just missing something. Thanks for all the replies.

I feel like a real dick, I just went to check and I have two beautiful ladies popping there heads. I truly am sorry, I here this some really kick ass bud. Thanks again. I got too much stress right now that’s why I overreacted.


Life gets the best of us all some times…
Very glad to here 2 have came up. Sometimes patience is hard but important.
And sometimes things just suck and we got to vent…

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Happy to hear they pop up for you, hopefully my girls just need some more time too, fingers crossed
@Edgewater21 yeh man I agree this is only my third grow I have had no problems with my first 2 sets all pop, and sprouted in 3-4 day’s. Going on day 5 now and still nothing? So that’s why I was asking for more info. Don’t know why this aren’t growing like the others. It just must be that hard idk ? Happy frog soil on top, any others pointers smart guy ?

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I had no luck with the BB either. They’re the only seeds I’ve ever had trouble with. I Havnt gotten around to trying the customer service yet. I remember reading about plenty of others that had trouble with them as well

@Ronbowe63 Good to hear they germinated after all! :seedling:

For other people having germination trouble, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team about this. Even if it’s just about 1 seed, they will help you out.


kiingkupa, I would give it a few more days. Just keep them warm and moist under fairly low light until they pop. Good luck. To be honest the two I lost was from using a soil the company said it’s good for seed starting;Not! Come to find out it had fertilizer in it and burned( cooked) my little ones. Also once the medium got wet it stays wet. I really try to stay away from any soil with time release fertilizer. Especially with autos. Trust me you do not want that nitrogen at the end of flower; makes buds harsh and the flavor is subpar. people please don’t use this and young plants. Seeds have everything they need for the first 2 weeks of grow, no nutrients needed.


Thank y’all for the support, I do want apologize for post above, after re reading I came out sounding like an A-hole sorry. I need to take y’all advice and mine that have given out will get it some more time. Like said only been 5 days. Seeds are in OFHP, I use a spray bottle and have a clear dome over all 4 pots, with my light set to 15 DLI, using my HLG 300. Temps in tent are 77-81, humidity stays around 70-80 have Humidity Thermometer under my dome, wanted to make sure temps are good. They tell me it’s around 76-80 on temp and stays around 75-85 humidity? I think this are good numbers , but if it’s operator errors which I have a lot its ok, just very confused because had such good success with others, thanks a lot everyone


Thank you for responding Stacy, seems a handful of cultivators are having problems getting the Bruce Banner above ground, me as well. Dropped 3 over the last month and have one at 8 days above ground. I’ve had such great success from ILGM seeds that I let it ride :love_you_gesture:. Thanks again Stacy

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